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Lexington County Fire Service unit involved in interstate crash

Lexington, SC – A Lexington County Fire Service truck out of the county’s Corley Mill station was involved in a crash while on the scene of a fire on I-20 near Sunset Boulevard Saturday shortly after noon. The truck, along with others from Red Bank and Oak Grove, had responded to a car fire when another vehicle struck the truck as the fire fighters were working alongside the interstate.

Details are extremely limited at this time but the crew from the engine company reported via radio that none of them were injured in the crash. They quickly began to access the occupants of the other vehicles involved. There were reportedly more than one other vehicle involved and at least one person was trapped in the wreckage as a result of the accident.

Additional fire crews quickly responded in to the scene and the interstate was shut down as the situation was stabilized. Fire supervisors were responding to the scene and were communicating with the field level supervisors while they were in transit.

Fire officers began quickly moving up equipment from further out in the county to fill empty stations whose resources were committed on the interstate. The situation was exacerbated when a call came in for an apartment fire in the 3200 block of Fernandina Road near St. Andrews. Irmo Fire Distract and Columbia Fire Department personnel and equipment handled that fire at the apartments and they released the responding Lexington County equipment quickly.

It is not known the extent of the injuries of anyone involved at this time or what caused the crash. The accident will be investigated by the SC Highway Patrol which is standard operating procedures for any accident involving county equipment.

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