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Lexington 2 recognizes employees for years of service

Lexington, SC - Employees of Lexington School District 2 with 10, 20 and 30 years of service were recognized at the Lexington 2 Board meeting Thursday night.

Lexington 2 Chairwoman Linda Alford-Wooten said the district is honored that the employees chose to work in the district. She also praised the employees for their discipline, commitment, loyalty and devotion.

She said the employees are part of the Lexington 2 family. Lexington 2 Supt. Dr. Bill James handed out awards and congratulated employees with Alford-Wooten.

Photos of employee groups (based on years of service) are attached. Not all employees named are pictured.


Airport High School: Amanda Elaine Altman, Ruth Anne Flowers, Deborah G. Hersey, Deborah Ann O’Bryant Hightower, Jessica Kerbs Meetze, Nicole Angela Shirk, Terri Sligh Southern, Christopher Davis Wright; Brookland-Cayce High School: Maria Renee Bjorn, Renee J. Boling, April Renee Dennis, Sherry Yolander Jackson, Katharine Weston Pyritz, Kenneth R. Shumpert; Busbee Creative Arts Academy: Tara Ann Hinson, Eriresha Katrina Terry; Fulmer Middle School: James Hampton Bowers, William Carroll Broome, Margaret L. Carson, Angela Roof Kodek; Northside Middle School: Jennifer Gail Black, Jennifer Smith Jackson, Emilie Cole Kaliher, Karin D. Springfield, Suzanne Haworth Terry; Pine Ridge Middle School: Julia Clinard Beckham, Maureen A. Gotterbarm; B-C Grammar No. 1: Sherri M. Burgess, Stacie L. Dillard, Carin Jeanette Sease; Congaree Elementary School: Geneva Nates Shull, Lauren Nicole Wojcik; Congaree-Wood Early Childhood Center: Jennifer Mary Chandler, Michelle Pilkington Feaster, Katherine Murphy Hutto, Peggy H. Mills; Davis Early Childhood Center for Technology: Deborah J. Farmer, Susan T. Jones, Bernadette Flavor Morgan, Jane H. Porter; Pineview Elementary School: Kelly Tankersley Carruthers, Leslie L. Dillard, Lesley Renay Hanson, Katherine Ann Jackson, Ashley Christina Robles; Saluda River Academy for the Arts: William Adam Gantt, Miguel Levert Jackson, Patricia Rose van der Heyden; Springdale Elementary School: DeAnne E. DeLoach; Taylor Elementary School: Janice Purdie Lites, Heather Anne Whisnant; Wood Elementary School: Monica M. Gladden, Emily Bush Smith, Katie Keisler Wilkerson; Pair Education Center: Kristilee Newton, Three Rivers RTF: Julie Davis Brown, Kristina Matthews LaBoon; Transportation: Barbara Patricia Simmons Hatfield, Doris Ann Osborne; District Education Center: Robert A. Burggraaf, Janet Brown Dedmon, Diane Shook Reid, Christine Marie Tarte, Emmylou Davis Todd.


Airport High School: Rosalena Harkless, Lynn C. Summer; Brookland-Cayce High School: Eugene Rush; Fulmer Middle School: Keith Douglass Williams; Northside Middle School: Keena Cooper Brooks; B-C Grammar No. 1: Carol G. Busbee; Congaree Elementary School: Susan H. Scott, Cheryl Hutchinson Myers; Congaree-Wood Early Childhood Center: Rachel D. Crapps; Davis Early Childhood Center for Technology: Tonya Sherese Boles, Kathryn C. Helms, Donna Y. Mims; Pair Education Center: Bruce Edward Jackson; Pineview Elementary School: Nadine Eskridge Munn, Paula McAlister Shaffer; Springdale Elementary School: Wendy Cook Keaton, Jennie L. Bingham, Hope Elizabeth Vrana; Wood Elementary School: Leonard G. Frierson, Jennifer Lynn Lindler.


Congaree-Wood Early Childhood Center: Laura Owen Hooper, Elisabeth Thompson Williams; Pineview Elementary School: Molly M. Horton, Jill Sherman Calkins; District Education Center: Elizabeth Davis Broome.

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