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Hurricane Matthew update

Lexington, SC - A hurricane watch has now been issued for some inland portions of our state. This was done as Hurricane Matthew regained some of its strength Thursday. The watches now cover the inland areas of Beaufort, Jasper, Charleston, and Berkley Counties. The Midland’s counties are expected to feel the impact of weather from Hurricane Matthew this weekend. A watch means hurricane-force winds are possible in that region.

Matthew has now regained strength and is a category 4 hurricane. It is currently moving northwest at approximately 2 miles per hour.

Although the predictions of Matthew’s track vary, most still say South Carolina will be impacted by it in some varying degree. In the coastal areas, it is expected that they will still have hurricane force winds and as much as 6” of rain. This, coupled with a storm surge, will cause extensive flooding in the low lying areas.

Further inland, forecasters say that we could have strong, gusty winds and heavy rains as a result of Matthew. These conditions could bring down trees, disrupt our power supplies, and close some roads.

We could begin to see some of the effects from this storm by Friday night. Saturday is when we can expect to feel the brunt of this weather event in the Midlands.

As always, it's important to note that these projections will likely shift more over the next few days. That's the nature of these forecast models, especially since there are still so many variables out there that could cause the storm’s path to shift. For that reason, all residents along the coast of South Carolina and inland for about 150 to 200 miles should continue to monitor this storm's progress closely.

Follow the SC Emergency Management Division on their website at You can also follow Lexington County’s emergency response on their Facebook (County of Lexington) and Twitter Feeds (@CountyLex).

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