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Deep seeded woods fire frustrates firefighters over the weekend

Boiling Springs, SC – A woods fire on Founders Road near Founders Blvd. proved a stubborn challenge for county firefighters over the weekend. The fire was burning in heavy brush and groundcover off the road that runs between Boiling Springs and Windy Wood Roads on Saturday afternoon.

Lexington County firefighters quickly had the original fire under control. A tractor-plow unit form the SC Forestry Commission plowed a break around the fire to prevent it from spreading as well. Because the fire was in such rough terrain, firefighters had to leave the brush fire smoldering without completely extinguishing it. This is common in this type of fire.

Several times over the weekend, motorist passing noticed the smoke and smoldering brush and reported it to the 911 communications center. The fire service was dispatched to check out the fire but found that it was for the most part still inside the fire break.

Sunday afternoon and evening, firefighters went back to the fire to ensure it was still within the established fire break. Because of the dry weather conditions, it could smolder for several more days.

Although motorist may see smoke or small flames, the fire should be allowed to continue to smolder with harm as long as it is within the fire break.

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