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Man leads Pine Ridge PD on a high speed chase

Pine Ridge, SC – A man led a Pine Ridge police officer on a high-speed chase Tuesday morning in the normally quiet Lexington County town. At times, the fleeing vehicle reached speeds of over 100 miles an hour as the driver tried to elude the pursuing officer.

The officer attempted to make a routine traffic stop after he noticed the vehicle had a paper tag that appeared to have been altered. Once he activated his blue lights and sirens, the car speed away down Fish Hatchery Road west toward Gaston.

At one point, the driver of the car drove down a dead-end lane. When he realized he was trapping himself, he veered through the yard of a man, almost hitting a truck that was parked in the drive.

The speeding pair come back out onto Fish Hatchery Rd. and eventually the man tried to turn into Pine Ridge Mobile Home Park. At that intersection, the car careened out of control and crashed into the woods, eventually coming to a stop against a small tree.

The driver jumped out of the car and ran toward the mobile homes in the park. The Pine Ridge officer grabbed for the fleeing suspect, but the man pulled free and dashed out of view.

Officers from the Gaston police department quickly arrived to back up the Pine Ridge officer who had been slightly injured while grabbing for the fugitive. County deputies and an officer from Springdale PD also converged on the scene and began to set up a perimeter in an attempt to contain the fleeing man.

K9’s from Lexington County arrived and were quickly deployed. The dogs began to track and trailed the suspect into the park. The dog led the officers to one of the mobile homes and alerted the officer that the man was inside. There were occupants outside the home but they denied that anyone had run inside.

Chief Billy Parker, the police chief of Pine Ridge, arrived on the scene and he began to search through the crashed car looking for clues to its owner. He located paperwork that allowed him to identify the man who had been driving. That paperwork indicated the man’s home address was the mobile home the dog had tracked to.

A number of officers re-converged on the home and surrounded it to prevent the suspect from fleeing further. When the property owners was confronted with the information that indicated that the fleeing suspect lived there, they allowed the officers inside. At that point, they located the suspected driver of the car hiding under a bed and placed him under arrest.

Chief Parker said that the suspect is being charged with failure to stop for a blue light and driving under suspension. He was also wanted for a parole violation in the city of Columbia. Further charges may be pending.

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