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District Four’s bond referendum overwhelmingly passes

Swansea/Gaston, SC – Voters in Lexington School District Four approved a bond referendum on yesterday’s ballot with more than 65% of the electorate voting yes. This will allow them to borrow $25.4 million to improve facilities in the small district that sits in the southernmost portion of Lexington County.

District leaders had asked for the borrowing power to make major renovations to some of the sports facilities at the district’s only high school in Swansea. They also want to construct a new performing arts center at that school that has simply run out of room for all but the old “core” courses such as reading, writing, and arithmetic. The new center will free up classroom space in the main portion of the high school that can be repurposed for CATE or career and technical education courses. These types of courses are already offered at Swansea but there are only a few and officials want to expand the selection that students can choose from.

The bond money will also allow for several security features to be upgraded at the high school. The parking area of the sports fields will receive new paving and better lighting and the school’s front entrance will become more secure with a single access point that funnels all visitors through the main office. The perimeter of the building will also receive secure doors that will deny access to someone who may try to make an un-authorized entrance. New lighting around the building will also act to make the facilities more secure and safe.

The district began the process of getting the bond referendum approved after a district student spoke at a board meeting about shortfalls in the district’s programs several years ago. The referendum received a great deal of support from parents and students alike who said that the children in that area of the county deserved an equal education to those in the more affluent areas of the county.

Some of the construction projects should get started during 2017. There hasn’t been a completion date for all the projects released by the district yet.

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