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Midlands Single Mom Gets a $300 Tip After Laptop Stolen

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - According to WLTX "Ebonii Green, 26, says it was just an ordinary day at work on January 4th. She was bartending at a restaurant in the Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

"There were a lot of delayed flights and there were a few people who were just sitting with me for hours,” says Green.

She started a conversation with one passenger, headed to Guam, who turned out to be an angel.

"And we were talking about the irony of some things,” says Green. “I said ‘you want to know what's ironic, my laptop got stolen the week before Christmas and I just got an email today saying that all of my textbooks for school are online.’"

Green and her two-year-old daughter were not home when someone broke in and took her laptop.

She says she’s preparing to finish her nursing degree at South University, but she was not prepared for what came next that Tuesday.

"My coworker thought he had given me a bad tip,” says Green. “She asked what's wrong and I just gave her the book. I was trying not cry because my heart is beating and I was shaking, breaking out in a cold sweat and I'm like, is this really happening."

The stranger left Green a $300 tip, with a message.

"It was the nicest thing ever because it just simply said 'Enjoy your new laptop, hope it helps with school.'"

Green says she wasn't able to thank the man who gave her the tip, but she knows his name and hopes to find him. "Hopefully I'll have that degree by 2018."

Ebonii says she's getting a new laptop similar to the one she had before it was stolen and is looking forward to thanking the man who blessed her in the new year."

Photo by: WLTX

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