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Man sentenced for crimes after tangled web of murders based on jealousy and revenge finally settled

Lexington, SC – A Lexington County man was convicted and sentenced after a saga of revenge and murder that started in the sleepy Lexington County town of Pine Ridge in the southern portion of the county. In early December 2016, a Lexington County jury convicted Nicholas “Nick” Berry, 19, of the March 2014 stabbing death of 23-year-old Jamie Galloway, according to the 11th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

Berry was found guilty on the charges of murder and possession of a weapon during a violent crime. Circuit Judge Eugene C. Griffin, Jr., sentenced Berry to 40 years in prison, according to a spokesperson for the solicitor’s office.

This verdict brought to an end a saga of murder and revenge that started two years ago. In its wake, two men are dead, two more are behind bars, and several families have been devastated by the violence and murders.

Jamie Galloway was murdered during an altercation that would eventually lead to the murder of Berry’s older brother, Adam Berry. He was kidnapped from the West Columbia area and killed before his car that was used in the crime was burned near North, SC. Adam Berry’s murderer has been sentenced and is now serving life in the SCDC.

The entire sordid affair started in May of 2014. Jamie Galloway had gone to a home in Pine Ridge to visit his small son who lived with the child’s mother. Galloway didn’t know that Berry brothers were already at the home when he decided to visit the boy. Apparently, the brothers had foul play on their minds when Galloway arrived.

Galloway and Adam Berry had argued earlier, but the younger of the two brothers, Nicholas Berry, stepped in. He confronted Galloway and accused him of disrespecting his older brother. At that point, Galloway punched Nicholas Berry, knocking him down and injuring him slightly.

After getting up off the ground, Berry pulled a pocket knife on Galloway and made threats toward the man. Later that day, Berry told friends that the next time he saw Galloway, “Galloway wouldn’t be breathing,” state prosecutors told the jury.

During the trial, the state also presented Facebook messages that showed that the younger Berry was trying to obtain a gun over the next week. He said in those posts he needed the gun to solve a problem he had with Galloway.

Finally, on the night of the murder, Galloway and Adam Berry again got into an argument that grew increasingly intense. Eventually, the pair fought. The fight had escalated when Nick Berry jumped in under the premise of protecting his older brother. The younger Berry brother got on Galloway’s back and began stabbing him repeatedly, according to the prosecution in the case.

When Pine Ridge police officers arrived at the scene of the fight, the Berry brothers were attempting to flee the scene. Jamie Galloway was lying dead on the front porch of the home, the victim of the deadly stabbing. Nick Berry was charged with murder following the investigation into the events that led up to the stabbing. The second charge of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime stemmed from the fact that Nick had used the knife to stab Galloway.

At his trial, Berry claimed self-defense. He said that Galloway was attempting to harm him and his brother when he pulled the knife. He told the court that his brother was being beaten by Galloway and he was afraid that he was going to kill his brother in the fight. He said that he was only defending his brother when he took out the knife. At this point in his testimony, Berry claimed he stabbed Galloway once in the back. Then, the younger Berry said he blacked out and didn’t remember what had happened after that.

Law enforcement investigators interviewed Berry shortly after the incident. During that interview, he changed his story several times regarding what had happened and why, according to the prosecution. As part of their case, the state played a recorded call between Berry and his mother where he stated that Galloway “deserved to die.”

The older Berry brother, Adam, was charged with accessory after the fact to murder and released on bond after the original crime. The following year while Adam Berry was awaiting trial, Michael Sulier, III, a close friend of Jamie Galloway’s, located Adam Berry, somehow abducted him in his car from the West Columbia area, and killed him by shooting him. Sulier said that he did this in retaliation for Galloway’s death.

Shortly after Adam Berry was abducted, Sulier drove Berry’s car with his body inside to a secluded area of Orangeburg County. There, he set the car on fire in an attempt to cover up his crime. Adam Berry’s burned body was found in that car and later identified.

Shortly after the burned car was discovered, Sulier was arrested and charged with murder in the case of the death of Adam Berry. He eventually pled guilty to that crime and was sentenced to life in prison in May of 2015.

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