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Fugitive text with Ledger editor before turning himself in to LCSD Wednesday

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Terry Jordan, the man who has been accused of domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and kidnapping after an incident that caused a standoff near Gaston with the LCSD SWAT team Monday has given himself up. The Lexington County Sheriff's Department has confirmed Jordan surrendered and has been booked into the detention center.

Jordan communicated by text messages with the editor of The Lexington Ledger Tuesday evening and late into the night. In those text, he said that he had made some mistakes, but the situation had been blown way out of proportion by people who didn’t fully understand the problem. He also felt that he has already been judged by the community without ever being able to tell his side of the story.

In one of those text, Jordan said the entire incident started after the mother of his child, the alleged victim in the case, lost her job. He said that she was a good person who had wonderful qualifications, but the pressure of that job loss situation caused the couple to argue. Eventually, that argument escalated while they were at a local convenience store getting gas for his truck. He said that she got out of the truck and refused to get back in.

Jordan said that he didn’t understand the kidnapping charges because he didn’t force her to get back in the truck at any point or to go anywhere with him. He said that the truck was a 4 x 4 that was lifted so high he could hardly lift his small children into it. He pointed out that there was no way that he could have made a adult get in that vehicle if she didn’t really want to.

In those same texts, Jordan also expressed concern for his dog that was in the home when the SWAT team made their entry. Jordan described the dog as a “Pitadore” named Pablo. A Pitadore is a crossbreed between a Labrador Retriever and a Pit Bull Terrier. He said that Pablo had been taken into the Lexington County Animal Shelter and he wanted the dog turned over to the alleged female victim in the case or someone else in his life; people who care for the dog and would make sure it’s treated right while he’s in jail waiting to go to court.

Jordan said late Tuesday night that he was planning on turning himself in on Wednesday, but he was still hiding while he arranged to have his lawyer present during that process. He wanted to have that lawyer there for his own protection and safety. At one point, he claimed in his messages that he felt like the sheriff’s department wanted to “murder” him because they made a mistake in thinking he was still in the house Monday, even after he said he informed them by phone that he had already escaped.

He said by text regarding the sheriff’s deputies, “I’m not playing games and hate if I’m wasting the sheriff departments time, but you have to understand that they consider me armed and dangerous when the last time I went to jail was over five years ago was for speeding. I feel like they want to kill me because they made a mistake. I told the guy in charge when I talked to him on the phone I wasn’t in the house and to please not kill my dog. This was minutes after they showed up at my house and five hours before they realized I was being honest about not being there.”

LCSD officials pointed out earlier in the week that they had to treat the situation as if Jordan was still in the house even if he had said by phone he wasn't. They have to treat the situation as if Jordan were in the home until it's proven that he wasn't. They have strict rules and guidelines they have to follow that are intended to ensure the safety of the neighbors, the deputies, and Jordan himself in such a situation.

He did say during the conversation with the editor of The Ledger that he wanted to get this mistake behind him. That’s why he was going to turn himself in and face the charges in court.

In his closing text Jordan continued to say that he was most concerned about the alleged victim, who is the mother of his child, and his dog. He said, “I want C (victim’s name omitted for privacy reasons) and Pablo to get some support.”

Jordan is scheduled to have a bond hearing Thursday morning.

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