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High winds and rain ravage the south and central portions of the county

Round Hill, SC (Paul Kirby) A line of strong storms smashed into Lexington County by mid-afternoon Monday that brought down powerlines, trees, and dumped rain on much of the county. The turmoil had emergency and utilities crews running from call to call.

According to Harrison Cayhill, spokesman for Lexington County, most of the damage appeared to be near Round Hill and the Lexington Country Club region. In that area, several trees blocked roads and a number of utility lines were down.

While enroute to one call, Engine 3 out of Round Hill had to stop when they found a car that had apparently run into a ditch and was partially blocking the roadway. Another fire unit was dispatched to their original call so that they could stop and assist the driver of that vehicle.

In another area of the county, a fire service marshal reported some localized flash flooding at the intersection of Spool Wheel and Spring Hill Roads. In other areas, there was ponding on the roads as ditches overflowed from the deluge.

Some local mainstream media’s meteorologist advised that they were seeing tornadic activity on their radars just west of Red Bank. Luckily, this activity did little damage other than litter yards and roads with debris. The National Weather Service has not indicated as of Tuesday if the activity monitored by radar near Red Bank will actually be classified as a tornado.

The fire service went into storm mode quickly. This changes a number of their operational response procedures. They ran a number of automatic alarms, several car accidents, the trees and powerline down calls, but few of those were significant other than the house fire near South Congaree.

Police officers and EMS were also busy during the storms. Several of our area's roads were closed by the downed trees and utility wires well into the night and officers stood by while those were cleared.

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