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The City of Cayce responds to yesterday’s Lexington Council TIF vote

The statement released by the city of Cayce after Lexington County Council denied their request to extend the Cayce TIF district for an additional 20 years

Cayce, SC - The City of Cayce and its leadership will continue to lead in fiscally responsible ways, taking care of our city and our part of the county. We are disappointed that all TIF requests are not measured by the same standard.

The Cayce TIF request was $4.6 million, which is half of the current request that got approved for the Town of Lexington today. Regardless of County Council's political motives, Cayce City Council is committed to these projects because they are integral to the economic future of the city and our region.

The National Park Service sees the value of the 12,000 Year History Park, one of the TIF projects. It's a shame that its home county doesn't.

We will continue to look for other funding sources and partnerships to ensure it and the other projects come to fruition.

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