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Former guest on The Lexington Ledger’s Good Morning Lexington County was a victim of Friday fatal bo

Lake Murray, SC (Paul Kirby) – Dan Phillips, one of the two men that was killed in a tragic boating collision on Lake Murray Friday night, had been a guest on The Lexington Ledger’s Good Morning Lexington County morning show last fall. Phillips was an expert in wildlife, and he and the other man that was killed, owned a wildlife removal and control business called All Things Wild. He was 37 years old.

During Phillips’ appearance on GMLC, he offered helpful hints about how to live in conjunction with wildlife. Phillips, an avid outdoorsman, really did love all things wild, and had an unbelievable knowledge of animals of all types. Through his business he travelled across the Midlands and the state, removing and relocating everything from possums, to racoons, and snakes. He tried very hard not to kill, but re-habitat animals if possible, no matter what level of nuisance they had become.

The other boater that was killed in the crash was Phillips' longtime friend and partner in the business, Christopher Shawn Lanier. The two made a great team because they both had a burning passion to be outdoors with all of God’s creations. The two hunted and fished together and they were doing what they loved when they died; they were fishing the deep waters of Lake Murray in a bass boat.

During his appearance on the show, Phillips said that it was man, not the wildlife, who had become a nuisance by encroaching on the habitat of animals that had lived here for tens-of-thousands of years. He realized that animals and man needed to live in harmony with one another, but taught that we as people should try and have as minimal an impact as possible on our wild neighbors.

Phillips' skin was permanently tanned by the sun and he felt most comfortable in loose, airy clothes that were both cool and long lasting. He usually had a hat atop his head, and wore sunglasses that were either on his face, perched on the brim of his hat, or dangling from a tether around his neck for quick and easy accessible protection from the bright sunlight. In short, he dressed and looked like a man that would never be comfortable sitting behind a desk.

SC DNR investigators have said that it is obvious that the 32’ boat that was the other party in the crash ran over the bass boat that Phillips and Lanier were in when the collision occurred Friday after 11:00 p.m. Phillip’s body was recovered quickly; however, DNR teams spent much of Saturday locating Lanier’s body in the lake. The investigation into what caused the crash is ongoing.

Funeral arrangements haven’t been released for either man yet.

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