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Lexington Technology Center collaborating with the Lexington County Detention Center to enrich stude

Lexington, SC (Devin Ruiz)- On Tuesday, May 2nd, at 10:00 a.m., the media was invited to speak with the welding instructor of Lexington Technology Center, Lexington Technology Center, as well as Sheriff Jay Koon of Lexington County. A collaboration was conceived between the men to utilize the equipment and students of the Lexington Technology Center, in order to complete a communal project.

Mr. Black was contacted about two years ago by Sheriff Jay Koon about a need for metal tables to be used at the Lexington County Detention Center. Sheriff Koon and Mr. Black attended high school together and have been in close contact for many years.

According to Sheriff Koon, this was a very expensive project that would have cost taxpayers thousands of dollars. The demand for tables was great, but Mr. Black expressed his desire to help the community in whatever way he could.

After two years of hard work and at least 250 hours of labor on the part of the students working with Instructor Black, the tables were sent to the Detention Center. On May 2nd, at 10:00 a.m. the media was invited to come observe and share the story.

Each of the students involved in working on the tables was brought into a classroom where biscuits and drinks were provided by the sheriff’s department. This was an opportunity for the officers of the detention center to show their gratitude for the students' hard work.

Mr. Black expressed his own sense of gratitude to be able to not only give back to the community in a big way, but also to guide his students in participating in such a big project. Black said, “After two years of watching the materials come in and working hard with the students to engage with the community for a greater good, it has been a truly good experience.”

Sheriff J. Koon said that the community would save at least $20,000 because of the hard work of each student at the Technology Center.

Each metal table was expertly put together and weighs about 250-300 pounds. They each underwent inspection and are now being installed at the Lexington County Detention Center.

Toward the end of the meeting between the students and officers, Sheriff Koon jokingly added that he hoped this was the last time any of the students saw these tables. Koon said that the tables were already being added to the inmate area, and he hoped and believed that these students will never be in a position as an inmate.

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