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With the Bakers of Baker Collision Express, having your damaged car’s body repaired doesn’t have to

Lexington, SC (Devin Ruiz) - Consider for a moment you are driving to work on a random day of the week. As you’re beginning to pull out on to the road, someone unexpectedly collides with your car. Your car is in bad shape, you’re a little banged up, but thankfully the car took the brunt of the crash; something it’s actually designed by engineers to do. The costs for repairing your car can be overwhelming and often, the quality of repair is dubious at best. Out of all the repair facilities that are available, where do you go to fix it?

Maybe you have a repair facility you’re already familiar with, but perhaps not. Perhaps you have no idea where to take your damaged car. After all, nothing like this has ever happened to you. You desperately need your car to go to work, to earn a living, to care for your family. Who can you ask to get the best opinion on what to do next?

Your neighbor may have used someone credible in the past, someone they’ve had an experience with. You could just Google one and roll the dice, and of course there’s always the insurance company for suggestions. The only thing is, do they have your or their shareholders' best interest in mind. The one entity that truly knows what’s best to return your car to like new status is the manufacturer; the people who made it to begin with.

Some questions that might be running through your head about this time are, “I don’t want to spend money on a replacing the car, but should I? Also, why would I want to work with a shop recommended by the manufacturer?” There are just so many decisions to be made and making the wrong one could be something you’ll regret for a long time to come. That is where Baker Collision Express comes in.

Today, there are countless pressures on car manufacturers to design equipment that can be produced and distributed easily and quickly. This translates into the way the car functions in the hands of its owner. However, this also translates into how they are repaired if they’re ever damaged.

The design of automobiles has become extremely complex due to the growth in technology, fuel and economy standards put in place by the government, and the desire for lighter, more efficient vehicles themselves. The design of cars, and hence the need for intelligent and comprehensive repairs, has become very sophisticated and can be quite complicated.

The average car in 2017 has more lines of code in its computer than that of a fighter jet. These computers, and all those of code, are a great part of what keeps you safe when you drive. They can do everything from adjust the amount of throttle you’re applying, help apply the brakes when necessary, or fire the protective airbags in the proper sequence.

Baker Collision Express is unique among other body shops in the Lexington area and the Midlands because they work directly with your car's manufacturer regularly. In fact, the Bakers are certified by the manufacturers to repair more makes and models of cars than any other repair facility in the area.

Your car’s manufacturer knows what the car needs because they built it to engineers' standards that are meticulous, exacting in fact! Because each car, each model, is engineered differently, there must always be a constant reacquaintance and updates in the education of repair techniques on the new designs. Technicians are no longer just gearheads, they are highly trained by the factory to make the necessary repairs on your car.

Five years ago, there was a certain expectancy of quality repair, but with new technology, materials, and metals being used in production, it has become unpredictable, and even dangerous, to select the wrong repair facility; you are placing a great deal of trust in an auto body shop to take care of your car, and you! Fix it wrong, and your life really could be on the line if you are ever in another collision. This is just where Baker Collision Express excels. Baker takes care of their customers right the first time; they take something broken and make it whole and just like new; just like it came from the factory again.

At Baker’s, every employee must learn the proper repair methods for every new model. Again, this is important because Baker is certified by more original equipment car manufacturing companies than any other body shop in the Midlands. This includes Honda, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Fiat, and many more. They buy many of their specialized tools and equipment from the manufacturers as well.

The manufacturers dictate a repair process that uses a method called “blue printing.” This spells out for each technician exactly what has to be done to make a car new and whole again. There is zero confusion about the necessity of any portion of the repairs to your car. Using these “blue prints,” the manufacturers' tools and equipment, and following these guidelines exactly, ensures your car will be as safe, as good looking, and as good as, well “new!”

This process is absolutely vital; it is key that the shared knowledge from manufacturers to the repair facility flows freely, and that allows Baker to return your car to the exact engineering standards it was built to originally. It lets them give the best service; service that’s second to none. Being misinformed of even the smallest details of a rebuild can become a matter of life and death. Baker Collision Express is ahead of the curve in this way because they take their business, and their customers' welfare so seriously.

Baker Collision Express is a faith based, family oriented, independent business, which has been serving people since the 1950’s. The company has continued to grow and succeed for many decades, and that growth has been dependent on serving the needs of the community; the people who are their customers.

Baker has a diverse and non-traditional staff. Every employee is highly trained and well educated to provide the best service possible. What makes Baker Collision Express so attractive to those in need of auto body repair is its sense of “The Baker Experience.”

The minute that you walk in their front door, you’ll know what that means. Baker Collision Express offers a clean and professional experience from walk in to drive out. It’s always welcoming. You’ll be treated with the respect that all customers deserve.

When most people are deciding on where to take their damaged car for repairs, they find themselves choosing between good, fast, and cheap. At Baker, you’re not forced to settle on any of these options. At Baker Collision Express, they don’t ask you to choose; they offer better, faster, and a cheaper option standard, it’s in every repair.

Now, three generations of Bakers have been involved in the business. Mr. Baker, Sr. spends a great deal of time travelling and teaching the techniques of proper “modern day” car repair to other businesses. Steve and Abby Baker both work in the local business daily. The make sure things run smoothly in the three Midlands Shops, just as you deserve.

No matter where you are in the Midlands, they’re just a quick phone call away. They have a facility in Lexington at 273 Riverchase Way, a St. Andrews / Irmo location at 7433 Broad River Road, and now a new location at 1104 Atlas Road in southeast Columbia. If you’re in need of collision repairs, call them today!

Remember, when your car is damaged in a crash, it’s still your call. Make the right choice, choose Baker Collision Express!

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