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Ebenezer donates two cars to Royal Home Ministries

West Columbia, SC (Angelica Iglesias) - Ebenezer Pentecostal Holiness Church donated two cars to the Royal Home Ministries Saturday, June 24.

Ebenezer partnered with Driven Warriors to repair the cars, so they could be given to the ministry. They also donated a van back in April for the ministry’s transportation needs.

Royal Home Ministries is a branch of Falcon’s Children Home and Family Services out of Falcon, NC that offers counseling and education opportunities for pregnant teenagers in a nurturing, protected atmosphere.

Driven Warriors is run by our local mechanic of Jeffcoat’s Garage, Bobby Jeffcoat. Their mission is to help young mothers that are finishing the Royal Home Ministries Maternity Program and are to receive a vehicle upon their graduation.

Royal Home Ministries has served over 325 young women since their founding in 1992. The women in this program are taught and given all kinds of things to ensure the wellbeing of both the mother and the baby. The young mothers take classes in finance and baby care to become responsible and are given health care while in the program. Royal Home helps these women get their high school diploma and either continue their education or get a job after they graduate the program.

Jeffcoat graciously repaired the two cars and the van for free. Ebenezer and Driven Warriors gave the ministry a 2001 red PT Cruiser and a 2001 black Saturn I300. The Saturn was given to young woman whose worked her way through the program and has met all the goals the staff set for her. She wasn't just given a car, she had to earn it.

The young woman ended up getting pregnant at a young age. Royal Home Ministries has helped her immensely. She has gotten her high school diploma and is now attending college classes. She is now able to support and care for herself and her child. The Saturn was one last gift as she goes on with her life without the ministry’s assistance.

Check out her first test drive of the vehicle below:

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