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Local church puts the love of Jesus into action by giving women a new home

White Knoll, SC (Paul Kirby) Recently, a local church took action to greatly improve the lives of two women whose living conditions were deplorable. They bought, set up, furnished, and then gave the women a mobile home of their own, free and clear of any debt or payments. This was an example of God’s children, the earthly body of Christ, taking action when a part, in this case the two women, was hurting and in need.

Terresa Funderburk and Betty Kirwan were living in a camper. The roof was leaking and there were many other problems that made their housing situation almost unlivable. It was very small and smelled of mold from a leaking roof. If that mold was left as it was, it would eventually begin to affect their health.

For these two ladies, the camper was the best they could do. They simply couldn’t afford anything better so they lived with happy, bright spirits knowing that they had a roof over their heads at all; some as you know, don’t.

Radius White Knoll, a church that meets in the cafeteria at Carolina Springs Elementary on Platt Springs Road, knew of the ladies' plight and felt like they could put the love and power of God on display. They stepped out in faith, the members pitched in what they could, and the church bought the two women a mobile home. Some gave money, others gave time and labor, others just prayed, but together, with the help of God, it all came together.

The church’s pastor, Derrick Liferidge, joked that those who worked on the project had to ask God for His forgiveness. All of them had been part of a conspiracy; a little “white” lie if you will. The two ladies were moved out of the camper for a short time and one of the ladies from the church told them that the congregation was going to do some renovations to the camper.

Two weeks later they were taken back to what they thought would be the repaired camper. Imagine their surprise to see their land cleared, the old camper gone, and a fully furnished mobile home in its place. After a tearful tour of the home, the pair were told it belonged to them without a single payment to make. The title was free and clear!

Watch this short video as the pair tour the home and see a true example of the power of the body of Christ coming together to demonstrate the true power of God’s love and grace:

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