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New Lexington County K-9, handler on duty

LEXINGTON, S.C. – A recent training session for the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department’s new K-9, Blesk, ended with another successful track.

Training is where it all starts for Blesk and his handler, Deputy Matt Fields.

To keep up with the K9 unit, you have to be able to run, and run for any amount of time.

“Definitely, the physical part of it is very challenging," Field said. “We had a track the other day that went three miles. You never know if it’s going to be 100 yards or three miles.”

Fields trained with Blesk in Georgia for a month before coming back to Lexington. Before that, Fields worked on the road for two years, but knew he wanted on the K-9 unit when a slot opened up.

“You get to work with a good partner who doesn’t talk back,” Fields said. “I ride around with a dog and get to play in the woods all day, I get to play hide-and-go-seek with real people.”

Fields said the unit, made up of seven deputies and eight K-9’s is tight knit and he’s glad to be a part of it. He said only time will tell what Blesk’s specialty is, but he’s already shown that he’s up for the task.

“To see him put all the things that we’ve trained for into use, it’s come full circle.”

Deputy Matt Fields Blesk

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