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It’s official, Publix has bought their parcels in Red Bank

Red Bank, SC (Paul Kirby) – All of the speculation is over regarding whether or not another supermarket chain is buying land in the Red Bank area. Publix Supermarkets, Inc. of Florida officially closed on multiple parcels of land near the intersection of South Lake Drive and Platt Springs Road last Friday. This ends months of speculation that the chain was in the market for a parcel that is large enough for a store that is similar in square footage to their other stores.

According to documents that were recorded with Lexington County on Friday, the land they bought includes the parcel which currently houses Mark Rouse’s State Farm office and other small businesses, the older white house on Platt Springs Rd. with the large chain-link fence around it, the old junkyard that was closed decades ago behind that white house, and several other parcels that front South Lake Drive (SC 6). Some of the last parcels were owned by the estate of the late Joel Player, once a Lexington County councilmember.

Publix has not said they are ready to build on the property yet, but The Ledger has requested information from Lexington County regarding any permits issued for those parcels. In order to build on that land the county would have to issue a number of different types of permits that would allow them to disturb the land, build, and eventually gain a certificate of occupancy.

Mark Rouse has said that he plans to move his office closer to I-20 near the Horse Sense business by mid August as long as State Farm approves of the plan. He is looking to lease a house that is currently being used as a beauty shop across South Lake Drive from the Red Bank fire station.

We will update this story as additional information is received.

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