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Mystery of the decorated shoes has area residents wondering what’s the real story

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) Shoes and boots of various types, each usually adorned with some type of decoration are being placed in the center of a Lexington area traffic roundabout, and the unusual decorations are causing increasing speculation as to the artist and the reason they are there. According to Debbie Resendiz Mestizo, if curiosity really killed the cat, every feline in the area of the traffic circle on Mineral Springs Road near Lexington would be in big trouble!

Debbie says that the decorations have been changing regularly, and that gender doesn’t seem to be important to the eclectic mystery artist. In the past, a lady’s over-the-calf boot, a soldier’s desert camo boot, and a child’s galoshes have all made appearance. Each was adorned with some other type of decoration inside that only added an interesting affect to the impromptu art projects. The military boot had a small American flag and bouquets of flowers have often been used to brighten up the otherwise ordinary footwear. Most seem to be mounted to a board of some type and are placed near the center of the circle. Each stay for different lengths of time before being removed or changed.

Debbie says that the art has become quite the topic of conversation in the area and many of her friends have their own ideas about what and why the unusual pieces are appearing. Is it someone with a shoe fetish, an artist with a sense of humor, or someone who just wondered if they could spark a mystery?

As we are aware just how busy our local police departments and their investigative staffs are, The Ledger is calling on all part-time, hobbyist sleuths in the area, to solve the mystery of the Mineral Springs Shoe Artist. Now you may send in your findings regarding this puzzle to Please put shoe mystery in the subject line of your e-mail.

Remember, we will check out your story independently to ensure its credibility and authenticity. We may even have our own investigator, Henry Dukes at Duke’s Investigation and Consulting, LLC, to check your theories to ensure your explanation is not the product of a vivid imagination. If you include your name, address, and a phone number with your “Shoe Art” story, we will award the first correct detective with one of our new Lexington Ledger t-shirts.

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