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Lexington Police Department holds monthly CompStat meetings to help identify needs, track crimes, ma

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) The management team of the Lexington Police Department is holding monthly CompStat meetings. The monthly CompStat presentation is put together by the Office of Professional Standards. Each month they assist the different divisions and units within the Lexington Police Department in putting together action plans to solve problems in response to the incidents that have occurred in the previous month. They also help to reduce crime and ensure that all officers are working toward the same objectives.

CompStat meetings are attended by Chief Terrence Green, Major Matt Davis, division supervisors, detectives, and members of our specialized units. Those in attendance review statistics that are compiled every month specifically for the CompStat presentation. They include things like the number of calls for service, the number of traffic stops, the number of auto accidents, and the response times to calls for service the department has had the previous month. This information is critical in the development of the plans the department uses daily to be at its best with the resources it has.

According to Wikipedia, COMPSTAT, short for COMPARE STATistics, is a combination of management, philosophy, and organizational management tools for police departments. It is named after the New York City Police Department's accountability process and has since been implemented by many other police departments, both in the United States and abroad.

Much of the information used in these meetings is available for review by the public. It can be found by using the Community Crime Map feature through the Lexington Police Department website. That website can be found at

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