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New Lexington store capitalizing on renewed interest in vinyl records

Turntable City, located at 202 West Main Street, keeps various genres in stock

Lexington, SC (James Bowers) - It may come as a shock, but the oldest method of hearing recorded music, the use of vinyl records,!is making a comeback. A January article by the UK publication Guardian said that sales of vinyl discs hit a 25-year-high in 2016, with 3.2 million records sold overall.

The Guardian piece cites factors such as the death of notable musicians like David Bowie and Prince as factors that help fuel the boost in physical record sales. Another interesting fact is that most vinyl purchasers are under 25 years old according to 2016 figures. This is in contrast to the largely digital music consumption that was expected of younger music buyers. The return to the record player for music consumers has been dubbed the vinyl revival by pundits, and music retailers are enjoying the spoils.

It was a love for music and awareness of this return to records among consumers that prompted Lexington local Kingsley, "D.J. Kingpin” Waring to open Turntable City at 202 West Main Street in the heart of Lexington. Kingpin says his store has a ton of full albums, 12-inch singles, and all musical genres in stock. The store will have more titles for purchase during the holiday season. Pricing averages out at around $7 per record, with discs available from $1 to $15.

Turntable City is another exciting new business in Lexington, and especially in the downtown area. This is an area that has seen a revitalization since the opening of The Icehouse Amphitheater and the implementation of the town’s revitalization plan. They provide the opportunity for anyone and everyone to put a needle on a record and immerse themselves in the unique sounds of years gone by.

Turntable City is open from 5 PM-9PM on Monday-Friday, and 10 PM-7 PM Saturdays. For more information, visit, @turntablecity on Facebook and Instagram, or @turntablecitysc on Twitter.

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