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Second alarm fire has crews and equipment rushing to rural area north of Leesville

Leesville, SC (Paul Kirby) – A two-story home is burning Saturday morning north of Leesville, and fire crews from across the western part of the county are rushing to the scene after the battalion chief struck a second alarm for more equipment and crews. The first calls regarding the fire on Caney Branch Road near Walter Shealy Road came in around 8:10 a.m. This started the process of gathering the necessary resources on the scene for a prolonged fire operation.

A member of the Leesville Fire Department quickly arrived on the scene, and he reported that the house was well involved in fire. The first fire equipment and crew arrived within the first 10 minutes. That crew reported that the fire had grown and already involved more than 50% of the home. They also reported that a propane tank had blown, and other explosion that could be heard as they were setting up and donning their fire gear. This report was the basis upon which the battalion chief decided to strike the second alarm for additional help.

The first due fire engine laid a large supply line down the driveway so that the second truck could supply it with water from out on Caney Branch. The closest fire hydrant was reported to be several miles up the road near the Leesville skating rink. This is close to the town’s eastern limits. A second radio channel was assigned to just the water supply operation as the tankers began carrying water into the scene from that fire hydrant. Caney Brach is closed by this operation and motorist are advised to stay out of the area.

Lexington County’s first on-duty battalion chief that responded was Chief Brad Amick. He arrived on the scene, was briefed by the official who had been commanding the scene, and then that command transferred to Amick. Additional fire officers from across the county went enroute including the second battalion chief that’s assigned to the south region, and the on-duty senior fire officer.

Amick’s first size up was that the two-story home was between 50 and 75% involved. Firefighters currently have handlines on the ground and are attacking the fire aggressively. EMS crews, and their supervisors, are set-up on scene, and they are monitoring the health and well-being of the firefighters that are working.

As of 9:00 a.m., the fire is not under control. Fire commanders believe that no one was in the home at the time of the fire, but they are still actively searching to make sure the home is clear. Law enforcement officers are on the scene and are preventing on-lookers from getting too close or in the way.

Equipment and crews from all over the county have been repositioned to cover the empty fire stations. This includes a truck from the Irmo Fire District that’s been moved into downtown Lexington.

We will continue to update this story throughout the day as the situation changes

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