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Election commission overturns West Columbia council race outcome, incumbent holds on for now

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) After a long meeting Friday afternoon, the Lexington County Board of Voter Registration & Elections has decided that they are overturning the results of Tuesday’selection in the City of West Columbia’s Council District Five. According to a reporter for The Ledger that attended the meeting, the board members ruled that they were presented with enough credible evidence that ineligible voters voted in that district’s election to cause them to void the result of the election.

In Tuesday’s election, long term Councilperson Boyd Jones was unseated by Marland Hardy Mitchell by a large margin. Mickey Pringle, who was also running for the seat, also received more votes than Jones, but not enough to beat Mitchell. This meant that Jones lost the seat and Mitchell was thought to have been elected to the represent District Five. Mickey Pringle, however, filed a protest with the county’s board by the appointed hour. This set the hearing that was held today into motion.

John Carrrigg, the chairman of the Lexington county board said Friday afternoon that the board didn't believe that any actual fraud had occurred. They did find that enough people who had been registered in the district, but perhaps moved out and hadn't changed their registration, voted in the district Tuesday. This would make them ineligible.

After the board saw real proof that made them believe this had occurred enough times to tip the election from Mitchell to Pringle, they overturned the outcome of the election.

Carrigg did not say when they will schedule a new election. There are a number of steps they must go through prior to doing that. Until then, the incumbent Boyd Jones still holds the Council District Five seat.

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