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District Five elementary school present anti-bullying projects

Irmo, SC - Nursery Road Elementary students presented anti-bullying projects during a November assembly.

In order to actively engage the second through fifth graders, school counselor Jessica Deffendall challenged the students in October to brainstorm and present solutions to create awareness of bullying and ways to prevent occurrences at school. The event on November 21st included a wide array of projects that ranged from videos, a musical duet, personalized t-shirt designs, trading cards and more.

“I immediately knew that if I wanted the students to be engaged in creating this bully free environment I needed to allow them to take the lead,” Deffendall said. “With that in mind I came up with the idea for this challenge to allow them to use their own talents and abilities to make it personal for them.”

Each student was required research information on bullying and preventative methods. After completing the report, students were given the option to do a project of their own choosing that would aid in educating others and help eliminate bullying.

“I appreciate students taking the lead in this project because it gives them the opportunity to own the message that bullying is something we will not tolerate. It is not just another lesson in ‘things not to do,” said Love Ligons, principal of Nursery Road Elementary School.

Deffendall said, “They took my challenge and ran with it, creating some truly impressive projects. We have seen a positive change in their interactions with one another and fostering relationships that likely would not have been formed without this initiative.”

Towards the end of the assembly, students had the chance to stand and take a pledge in making Nursery Road Elementary a bully-free zone; they also signed a pledge board as part of that declaration.

“The anti-bullying presentation was critically important for students to experience and witness because it showed the power students have to create change in the school. The students demonstrated that they are taking a proactive lead in their school,” District Five chief planning and administrative officer, Dr. Michael Harris said. “Should there be any student who has not bought into the anti-bullying school-wide agreement, this experience was powerful enough for that student to rethink his/her position and motivate him/her to make the necessary adjustments to join their classmates and stand up for good at Nursery Road Elementary school.”

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