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RADIUS church to open another campus near Round Hill / West Lexington

Round Hill, SC (Paul Kirby) Radius Church has announced the launch of their newest location. RADIUS Rocky Creek will launch on Sunday, January 14th at 10:15 a.m. in Rocky Creek Elementary School on Calks Ferry Road near the Round Hill / West Lexington area of Lexington County.

Radius has a number of campuses across the area and the US. Radius Lexington, the main campus, is on West Main Street in the building that used to house a hardware store near the Lexington Chamber of Commerce. Since its beginning in that building, it has now grown and acquired the entire shopping plaza that included a building once used by DSS, the old Lexington Arms restaurant, and a dry cleaner.

Radius is known for their open, relaxed atmosphere, and a preaching style that delivers the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is easily understood and adapted to everyday life. They preach that each member is a part of the body of Christ and welcome everyone warmly, no matter a visitor’s culture, color, or convictions. All sinners, a group that includes every one of us, are welcomed and encouraged to attend; There is no judgment here.

They have expanded rapidly with live preaching and live worship. Each campus has a senior pastor, although they’re not big on formal titles, and staff is added as the campuses grow. The praise and worship music is a contemporary style, live, but not overpowering. The series of campuses have so many talented musicians and music leaders that they can rotate in and out frequently giving those in attendance an exciting cross-section of the level of talent God has blessed them with.

They believe strongly in outreach to the community and often forgo material things like fancy buildings for projects that impact the community around them. They are active in school programs and sports, working with the poor, and even ministering to the business community when possible.

RADIUS is actually a family of churches. According to their webpage, the RADIUS Family of Churches is committed to being led by the Holy Spirit in making disciples, training leaders and reproducing churches in South Carolina. Our Family of Churches is defined by 3 Core



Each location is autonomous and self-governing.


They are unified with the RADIUS FOC on theology and the core doctrines of faith, but distinct in their mission and methods.

In Partnership

They are partnering with the RADIUS FOC to plant these churches in South Carolina. RADIUS FOC is the supporting organization.

Currently, they have campuses in downtown Lexington, Saluda, White Knoll, West Columbia, Columbia, and Dubuque, Iowa to name a few. Each has a live Sunday service, often two, and are not teleconference churches. Often, churches are planted by where there’s a need, and although geography is a part of where campuses are placed, it is not the final deciding factor. If there’s a need, Radius seems willing to go. They are growing by leaps and bounds because they seem to be filling the everyday need for Jesus in the lives of those who choose to participate in their church. Often, their church plants are only in existence for a short while before they have to go to two services per week.

Most of the pastoral staff is raised up through the church, trained above their previous or formal education in house, and released for a plant after the Holy Spirit signals they are ready to lead. Although most of the pastoral staff seem young to middle age, you often see parishioners from very young to senior citizens at each service. Dress is casual and come as you are.

The pastor of the new Radius Rocky Creek plant will be Ryan Molony. Childcare will be available for babies through preschool as well as a full elementary-age program for kindergarten through 5th grade.

They usually have small groups that meet throughout the week at various times that focus on different areas of learning. Some even meet as early as 5:30 a.m. for the early risers that wish to participate. They are often divided by gender, age, or interest, but this certainly isn’t a hard, fast rule. Radius tries to plug you into a small group quickly, so you can be nurtured as a Christian and fed throughout the week above the Sunday message.

Radius Rocky Creek’s organizers say that they would love to invite any friends and neighbors who live in the West Lexington area to join them. You can get more information about RADIUS Church and RADIUS Rocky Creek at

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