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New million-gallon water tower makes significant change to Cayce skyline

Huge new storage tank a key part of city’s fresh water upgrade project

Cayce, SC (James Bowers) - Those who travel Airport Boulevard have had to notice a big change to the skyline of the city of Cayce over the last month; a mammoth new water tower installed by the city as part of a massive overhaul of its water distribution infrastructure. It really is an impressive sight that you can’t miss as you top the hill near the old Toyota Center heading into the city.

The city of Cayce simply calls the work they’re doing its Waterline Project. The project, started last April by the city, will see the community replace 75% of its waterlines. Many of these water distribution lines have been in place since the 1940s. In addition to the new distribution system, the city will also replace its fire hydrants. City officials believe that this is the largest water system renovation ever undertaken in the state.

The vast growth in population and commercial activity in Cayce brought the need for a new, improved way to provide water to its populace. The new waterlines will carry more water and operate more efficiently, according to the city’s utilities department.

With the new waterlines comes the need for a better, larger storage system, and that is where the million-gallon tower comes in. “Water is driven primarily by gravity so the more water you can have in your tower, the more pressure you will have and thus the more water you will have,” Cayce City Manager Rebecca Bean said. The tower will replace an aging structure on Cayce’s Glenn Street, which will be decommissioned and eventually removed. Bean says that the large tower will be adorned by a city of Cayce logo, identifying the structure as part of the increasingly prosperous Cayce community.

For more information on the Cayce Waterline Project, visit or call (803) 796-9020.

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