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Lehmann Chiropractic now open for business in Chapin

Practice headed by Dr. Christopher Lehmann who has over 25 years experience in care

Chapin, SC (James Bowers) – Now if you’re in need of chiropractic care in the Chapin area, there’s a convenient new option in the neighborhood. Lehmann Chiropractic, owned and operated by veteran chiropractic doctor Christopher Lehmann and his wife Sharon, is open at 425-C Lexington Avenue in the heart of Chapin. The practice provides comprehensive spinal care including a thorough evaluation, adjustments, and therapeutic massage. Dr. Lehmann also works to take a holistic approach to health, working to educate and encourage patients in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle based around their diet and exercise, which can help prevent further health issues.

Dr. Lehmann, a Michigan native, attained his doctorate in 1980, and soon after entered practice in Traverse City, Michigan. After 23 years in the chiropractic field, Dr. Lehmann, who has enjoyed moonlighting as a Christian worship musician, chose to pursue that vocation full-time, and relocated to Tampa, Florida to take a job as a worship planner at a church in that area. After eight years, Dr. Lehmann relocated to South Carolina to be closer to his oldest son and his family who lives here. Eventually, Dr. Lehmann decided to return to his roots and go back into chiropractic care. He attained the necessary license to practice in South Carolina in April of 2017, and then began looking for a location to ply his trade. After evaluating all his options, Dr. Lehmann decided to open his own clinic in Chapin, a fast growing, dynamic community that is in many ways health conscious already. In December, 2017, Lehmann Chiropractic opened its doors and began accepting patients.

Earlier this month, the Chapin Chamber of Commerce recognized the new practice by holding a ribbon cutting ceremony. Lehmann’s return to the medical world was a rewarding one. “I’m absolutely loving being back in practice,” Dr. Lehmann told The Ledger. “I feel extremely blessed to be able to care for our community. I know that I’m in the right place.”

Chiropractic medicine is defined by Dr. Lehmann as the care of people’s nervous system. Dr. Lehmann says that a correctly aligned spine and properly functioning nervoussystem gives us the best chance to have excellent overall health. The doctor explained that the spine is really just a tube consisting of several segments of bones called spinal vertebrae. When one or more of the spinal vertebrae become misaligned due to an injury or posture issues, just to name a few, messages between the brain and the body can be altered. Correcting these misalignments and restoring normal nervous system function is one of Dr.Lehmann’s most important treatments.

As a new patient to Dr. Lehmann’s practice, you receive a thorough evaluation. They take a complete history of your health, which gives Dr. Lehmann a preliminary idea of your health status. Then, patients undergoe orthopedic, neurological, and range of motion testing. This determines whether or not Dr. Lehmann can address your case or if he needs to refer you to an MD. In some instances, he might suggest a more specialized caregiver.

If Dr. Lehmann can handle the case, he then takes x-rays of a patient to get a full picture of their spine. This allows him to locate any faulty vertebrae, often the root cause of your health issues. Afterwards, he feels the spine with his hands to confirm what he’s found in the x-rays. The, Dr. Lehmann performs what he calls a spinal adjustment. This procedure restores the position and motion of the affected bone, thus restoring the proper function of the nervous system.

Dr. Lehmann says that a common cause of orthopedic issues is what he calls “tech neck." This condition is often the end result of a person spending extended periods of time craning his neck to look at technological devices such as smartphones and tablets. This strains the neck of the spinal cord, which over time, can lead to a degenerative process in the spine that ultimately results in spinal misalignments. Dr. Lehmann says the first sign of “tech neck” is numbness and tingling in the hands, arms and fingers. Sleeping on your stomach, which requires the patient to bend their neck sideways to breath, can cause similar issues.

Dr. Lehmann says the key to good spinal health is to keep it in a proper alignment. This can be done by adjusting your posture and other unhealthy behaviors, but also by diet and exercise. Dr. Lehmann says that regular walking can often help you maintain a healthy back.

Lehmann Chiropractic is the newest healthcare provider in the Chapin area. Dr. Lehmann already accepts Medicare, and is in the process of adding more insurance companies. For more information, or to schedule your visit, go to or call (803) 816-0034.

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