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Town of Chapin enters into agreement with Central Midlands for zoning work

Chapin, SC (Paul Kirby) – The elected government of Chapin signed a deal last week to have the Central Midlands Council of Governments, or COG, to take over the work of acting as the zoning administrator for the town on a limited basis. This job had been done by Chris Clauson, a full-time Chapin employee, who left the job in January to take another position with Fairfield County. The cost of the contract hasn’t been disclosed to the public because there hasn’t been a work session or meeting since the agreement was signed late last week. The town does have a public meeting planned for Tuesday, January 6, at 7:00 p.m.

The mayor and council did discuss this at their last work session. The town is growing so fast, especially its commercial areas, that this work is key to managing that growth. When Clauson left the town had no one to quickly turn to but the COG to do that work until they could decide how or if they will refill Clauson’s position.

Mayor David Knight, an attorney who had worked for Chapin more than 20 years as the town's legal adviser, did review the contract before it was signed. Last week, Councilman Al Koon said at a meeting that the COG was willing to do the work, but they didn’t give him the impression that they wanted to take all of the responsibilities that Clauson had. Currently, at least one business is fighting the town over citations they received for zoning violations, and Clauson was the point man for the town in that action. The COG has said that they will be using a sub-contractor that has experience in this type of work to do the job in Chapin.

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