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Lexington County Museum’s “Murders and Mysteries” Main Street Walking Tour set for February 10th

Event allows attendees to explore the dark side of Lexington County history.

Lexington, SC (James Bowers) - Next Saturday, those interested in the seamier version of Lexington County history will want to check out the Lexington County Museum’s “Murders and Mysteries Walking Tour." The event, which will take place on Saturday, February 10, will lead guests to several landmarks on Lexington’s Main Street where JR Fennell, the director of the county’s museum, and other museum staffers will explain the significant sites where some of the area’s more notorious events occurred. The walk will also showcase relevant artifacts from some landmarks associated with these events in history.

Long before Lexington became a suburban community, it was a small town and Main Street was its hub of activity. In years past, there were several murders, lynchings, duels, and other events that cemented a bit of a darker side of the past. The Saturday event will allow you to see and hear about these events and promises to take you back in time to a period when crimes were investigated by rough, gruff, lawmen and justice was often swift and merciless.

Some of the sites on the block-long tour route include the site of a pre-Civil War duel between F.M. Hendricks and Bayless Earl Boozer. The reason for the conflict is not known for certain, but the most common belief is that the two men fought over the issue of South Carolina’s secession from the Union which eventually occurred in 1860.

All the subject matter explored during this event is mature, with serious themes such as violence and racism that represent a somber portion of Lexington County’s history.The museum’s staff says that they don’t recommended it for children under 18, though they may attend with permission from a parent. Fennell says the museum may have a more family friendly version of the historical walk in the future.

The walk begins shortly before 8 p.m. on Saturday, February 10 and will begin at the empty lot at 116 West Main Street behind the Pitter Platter. It is FREE to the public.

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