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City of Cayce and Columbia PD charging former Airport High administrator with sexual battery of a st

Cayce, SC (Paul Kirby) The Cayce Department of Public Safety has obtained arrest warrants for former Airport High School Assistant Principal Dawn Diimmler and is charging her with having an inappropriate intimate relationship with a former student of the school. The warrants for her arrest were obtained Friday after careful consultation with the Eleventh Circuit Solicitor’s Office. She is being charged by Cayce with two counts of sexual battery with a student according to Chief Byron Snelgrove of Cayce. Additionally, the City of Columbia Police Department is also charging Diimmler with two counts of the same crime because she had several liaisons with the student in their jurisdiction. According to law enforcement officials, Diimmler has made arrangements through her attorney to turn herself in to the Columbia PD early Saturday. After she is booked into the Richland County jail, she will eventually be booked in Lexington County jail also.

Sexual battery with a student is a law intended to protect students who are of the age of consent but are under the authority of an educator or anyone affiliated with a school in an official capacity from having a sexual relationship with the student. It could be a paid teacher, administrator, bus driver, or even a volunteer that’s affiliated with the school like an assistant sports coach or tutor according to The Ledger's consulting attorney. If the affiliated person has a consensual sexual relationship with the student, no matter the student’s age or the age of consent in our state, then that person is guilty of sexual battery with a student. This is a felony punishable by up to 5-years in prison per count. The nature of this incident was made more serious because Diimmler worked as a disciplinarian at Airport High School according to our source. Apparently, at some point the student interacted with her in her official capacity in that position.

In Cayce's official release, a spokeperson said that between the dates of March 10th, 2017 and June 2nd, 2017 Dimmler was engaged in an alleged relationship with a nineteen (19) year old student enrolled at Airport High School while she was assigned as the school's Assistant Principal. Dawn Dimmler further had direct supervision over the student as part of her duties and engaged in sexual intercourse with the student on two occasions while at the school. AHS is located at 1315 Boston Avenue in the City of Cayce.

Several weeks ago, popular Airport High School Principal Brad Coleman and Diimmler were both suspended from their positions with pay. This was done after Lexington School District Two launched an investigation into allegations that came to light regarding Diimmler. In the week following the suspensions, the school board of Lexington District Two met in executive session and fired Diimmler after finding they had credible reason to believe something had occurred between her and at least one student. Afterward, the Cayce Department of Public Safety launched their investigation that eventually led to Diimmler’s arrest. Columbia joined the investigation at some point after more details came to light.

In this case, even though the student was of the age of consent at the time of the crime, his name will not be released. This is done to protect the identity of all victims of a sex crime and his family. Chief Snelgrove said that if anyone has any knowledge of any other victims of this suspect, they should contact the Cayce Department of Public Safety at (803) 794-0456.

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