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Chapin PD warns that counterfeit bills are circulating in the area

Chapin, SC (Paul Kirby) – Chapin Police Chief Seth Zeigler is warning the public to carefully watch the bills they receive from business and individuals in the Chapin area. Zeigler said that some counterfeit bills in denominations as small as $20.00 have been passed to unsuspecting people who have then had to make the bills good at their own expense.

According to Chief Zeigler, as late as last week, an unsuspecting citizen was given a counterfeit $20 that was discovered when he tried to use it to pay at a business for goods. He said that once the business’ employee discovered the bill was not real, the man waited at the business without protesting while the police were called. The man cooperated fully with officers and even made the debt good with a real bill. This meant that he was out of the money himself. Chapin PD and the US Secret Service are working to trace the bill the man received back to its origin. Chief Zeigler said that it was obvious the man was an innocent pawn and will not be charged.

Chief Zeigler said that if you suspect someone is trying to pass you a counterfeit bill, do not put yourself in danger. If the person is knowingly trying to pass phony currency, they may be dangerous. Every situation can be different. Be cautious, take note of every detail of the individual’s features, clothing, and any other special markings that might help officers identify that individual later. If they flee, do not try and stop them. Instead, make note of the car they may be in and get a tag number if it’s safe to do so. Immediately notify the police after they leave.

Officers have said that as high-tech printers have gotten better, counterfeit money is harder to detect, but it is possible. Businesses and citizens can get pointers on how to protect themselves from high quality counterfeit bills from the US Government’s website on counterfeit currency. That site can be accessed by clicking here: PROTECT YOURSELF.

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