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Prescribed burns around the state mean smoky conditions may continue in Lexington County

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) – Smoky conditions have plagued the residents of Lexington County over the past few days, bringing a thick haze to some parts of the county. Several have complained that the smoke has brought with it difficulty in breathing, irritated eyes, and similar health problems. According to Lexington County’s social media site, there are a number of prescribed burns going on across the state that are causing the smoke to drift into Lexington County, causing the problems.

Over the past weekend, there were several agricultural burns taking place in Lexington County and the surrounding areas. According to the website, agricultural burning, also commonly known as prescribed burning, is a very effective land management tool. If it is used properly, a prescribed fire can be used to reduce the build-up of dangerous fuel for wildfires, control disease in young pine trees, improve wildlife habitat, manage range land, preserve endangered plant and animal species, and even to help maintain ecosystems that are dependent on fire for their renewal. Even though the smoke from these may be an irritant to some, these are legal in our state as long as the person doing the burn follows all the laws on that activity.

There are some types of outdoor burning that are not allowed in Lexington County. The burning of trash, lumber, and other non-organics can be against the burning ordinances. Those also say where you can burn and when.

To find out more information on legal prescribed burning in SC, you can look at the SC Forestry Commission's website by clicking HERE. To see the laws on outdoor burning in Lexington County, click HERE.

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