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Community leaders take on Community Champions Week

West Columbia, SC (Jimmy Poluszek)- Recipients of the Meals on Wheels program in Lexington County can look forward to Community Champions Week starting Monday, March 19. From Monday to Thursday, community leaders will be assisting the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission in delivering meals to senior citizens who are unable to leave their homes for medical reasons. This service is normally performed by employees and volunteers of the Aging Commission, but for Community Champions Week, these well known faces will hop on a meal run leaving from one of the seven senior centers in the county to deliver food to the doors of several previously-registered recipients. Each participant will go out with two other volunteers who are already veterans in the food delivery field and will go house to house providing pre-made meals especially designed for a healthy senior citizen’s diet.

Senator Katrina Shealy, Mayor Steve MacDougall of Lexington, and Representatives Micah Caskey and Russell Ott will be kicking off the week. They will be followed on Tuesday by Councilwoman Debbie Summers and Lt. Governor Kevin Bryant. Mayor Michael Bishop of Springdale is planned to help deliver on Wednesday. The event will wrap up with Councilman Mike Green from West Columbia delivering on Thursday. “My Grandmother way back in West Virginia used to get Meals on Wheels; it’s just a great program,” Councilman Green said when asked about his decision to get involved.

Some participants, such as Mayor Elise Partin of Cayce, have already delivered meals because they were unable to find the time to do so this week. However they are still very much “Community Champions” in the eyes of those receiving the meals. The recipients are all aware of the event and what participants are coming to deliver food to them, but the purpose of the event is to spread awareness of the Meals on Wheels program and how it can benefit citizens with elderly family members who may not be getting the support they need.

For more information on Community Champions Week, the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission can be reached at (803) 359-4048. Although Community Champions Week will be ending on March 22, senior citizens unable to leave their homes for medical reasons can still register to periodically have food delivered to them by the Meals on Wheels service.

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