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Town of Springdale’s Midlands Tech scholarship program for residents who need a little help to overc

Springdale, SC (Connor Radtke) – Michael Bishop, the mayor of Springdale, alongside the town’s councilmembers, have established a scholarship to support town residents who wish to continue their education at Midlands Technical College. The scholarship itself will be awarded annually to a resident of Springdale, South Carolina who attends or will attend Midlands Technical College. Midlands Tech’s Airport Campus abuts the town and many of the students that attend pass through Springdale daily, often without even knowing they have.

The scholarship began in spring of 2017. To first qualify to receive this scholarship, perspective students must complete an online scholarship application. The recipient must also complete a free application for federal student aid which can be found by clicking this link (FEDERAL AID APPLICATION). The recipient must also be either a full or part-time student in any degree program, must be a newly entering student, must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater, and must be a resident of Springdale, SC. The scholarship award amount will be $1,000. Springdale is the first town to have a town scholarship such as this, according to Mayor Bishop.

Bishop is a believer in school and believes that school success equals community success. Bishop himself is a Midlands Tech grad who then transferred to the University of South Carolina (USC). Bishop’s son is 16 years old and already has 40 credit hours along with a $17k scholarship to attend Clemson. Bishop is always looking for opportunities to benefit his hometown. He was raised in Springdale and has lived there his entire life. Even now, he and his family live in the home he was raised in on the same street where he rode bikes and played as a child.

Bishop is trying very hard to get this scholarship off the ground and going. Anyone can donate to the scholarship, but Mayor Bishop says he would love to see his neighbors and Springdale’s citizens to give what they can. He said during a recent interview that he’d like to see, “Residents invest in residence.” Bishop hopes some of the older population with money from the area invest in good opportunities and have their money stay in the home community.

Bishop has already taken his idea to the council and it was approved. This scholarship is for the “New Student,” according to Mayor Bishop. He sees it as a resource for the student who has really never thought of going to college before because it was always out of his price range. Bishop wants to give every kid a chance to succeed in life and get started in the right direction. He wants the kids in his area to be worth more and be in less debt after college. Keeping up with the Jones’ is hard enough, and impossible for some who come from families who’ve struggled during the child’s entire life so Bishop suggests if you’ve been blessed, why not help out someone less fortunate by giving back to the community and a student who’s trying to better himself through education and a good career.

Bishop asks that you please visit this link (CLICK HERE) for additional information. Contributions can be made by cash or check (made payable to the Midlands Technical College Foundation) or online at you can donate on-line at this link (CLICK HERE). All contributions are tax deductible. For more information please call the MTC Foundation at 803-732-5222.

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