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One dead, EMS and firefighters working to revive a cardiac arrest patient after car crash following

Irmo, SC (Paul Kirby) – One has been confirmed dead by firefighters, and EMS personnel, backed up by other firefighters from the Irmo Fire District, are working on another person reported to be in cardiac arrest, after a terrible car wreck that happened at approximately 9:40 p.m. Wednesday night. The crash was reported to be at Piney Grove Road near Linsbury Circle not far from St. Andrews Road and the Irmo Fire District’s headquarters station.

When the call was originally dispatched, fire crews were informed that there were several people trapped in a wrecked vehicle. They were also informed by their 911 dispatchers that the crash was as a result of a vehicle involved in an IPD pursuit. It isn’t known if the pursuit was active at the time of the crash or if the police had already discontinued the chase. Firefighters were working on what’s called a heavy extrication, something they train for regularly and are well equipped to do.

At the time of this writing (10:40 p.m. Wednesday), we are simply providing this report to inform other motorists in the area that they should avoid that general area altogether. There are multiple rescuers and law enforcement officers on the scene now and the road may be completely closed. Any motorist that doesn’t detour may put those rescuers and officers at risk.

The SCHP would be heavily involved in any investigation that involved another law enforcement agency even if their patrol cars were not mechanically involved. That means that no one has given any indication that any patrol car crashed or even that a patrol car ever made contact with any other vehicle. The handing off of the investigation to another agency is standard operating procedure for almost all law enforcement agencies. There are no details available and there may not be for some time.

Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher and her staff will be very involved in the investigation since there has been a fatality in this wreck. They currently have been dispatched to the scene. Until they have had time to contact the family of the deceased, even describing the car or making posts on social media regarding the vehicles may cause that family to hear of this terrible news prior to the coroner’s notification, so please don’t do either.

We do know that at least one person has been transported to Parkridge hospital by EMS and one is enroute to the trauma center at Palmetto Richland. A firefighter was driving the unit enroute to the trauma center because of the grave condition of the patient.

It will probably some time tomorrow before more details are released regarding what situation led up to the crash. Until then, please allow officers to do their jobs while investigating this collision and dealing with the aftermath. We will provide more details only when they are released by investigators.

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