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Sheriff’s department requested for suspicious fire on Black Oak Road near Gaston

Gaston, SC (Paul Kirby) The fire service has taken the first step in starting the process of investigating a suspicious fire on Black Oak Road that occurred just after 3:00 p.m. Wednesday. A number of units responded to the original alarm, and the fire service reported smoke coming from the small single-family home when they pulled up.

Black Oak Road is in the Glenn Village neighborhood between Glenn and Bachman Roads. This sits between the towns of Pine Ridge and Gaston not far from Highway 321-south. It’s a community of small homes built many years ago to be affordable to singles and young families. Over the years, the neighborhood has gone through up and down cycles and even once tried to reinvent itself with a name change. Many residents in the area have qualified for government assistance with their mortgages in the past. The neighborhood has matured in some ways, as has many of its residents, but you can still find many homes with young children playing in the small yards or the streets in front of their homes.

The fire today was brought under control quickly by the firefighters. They pulled hoses from their trucks and made an interior attack knocking the fire down in minutes. The fire commander asked for the utility company for the area to respond to secure the electrical service to the house. In a few more minutes he asked for a Lexington County Sheriff’s Department road deputy to respond to take a report on a suspicious fire. A trained fire investigator from the fire service is currently enroute to work with the sheriff’s department on this investigation and offer his support wherever needed. This doesn’t necessarily mean that someone intentionally set the fire, just that there are enough questions about its origin that further investigation was warranted. The fire was marked out by the incident commander from the fire service at about 4:25 p.m. but that representative, who was on scene during the fire attack, remained at the address to assist with what he said would be an "arson investigation."

We will update this story as more information become available regarding this fire.

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