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Building destroyed by fire near Fairview and Pelion Sunday afternoon

Fairview, SC (Paul Kirby) A structure that firefighters described as a metal style shop building burned to the ground in the 1200 block of Charlestown Road just before 1:00 p.m. Sunday. This is near the intersection of Charlestown and Hartley Quarter Roads, northwest of the town of Pelion.

The firefighters who were enroute from the county’s Fairview station reported that they could see a heavy column of black smoke even before they arrived on scene. Once they pulled up, they reported that the large metal building was basically flat on the ground and there wasn’t much of anything that hadn’t been destroyed by the fire. The battalion chief arrived on the scene and requested that the county’s department of Public Works respond with a backhoe to dig through the rubble so that they would be able to get water on the fire that was still burning. Most of the fire was underneath all the metal siding and roofing that had collapsed. Even with the help of the tractor and its operator, tanker trucks hauled water that was poured on the fire for almost four hours before the fire was declared out.

It doesn’t appear as anyone was injured as a result of the fire.The fire service hasn’t said what the estimated dollar loss of the fire was. That will depend in large part on what was in the building at the time of the fire. If it was an active workshop that contained valuable tools and expensive equipment, automobiles, or other valuables, the monetary loss could be very high. The cause of the fire still hasn’t been determined.

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