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Straightaway Lane law enforcement presence not believed to be a violent crime according to sheriff’s

Gaston, SC (Paul Kirby) The heavy presence of law enforcement officers on Straightaway Lane off Fish Hatchery Road during the early morning hours of Thursday at approximately 2:30 a.m. was enough to unnerve some residents who live in that area. Many had heard rumors that some sort of violent crime had occurred and were worried that they or their families might be in danger.

After contacting the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department, Colby Gallagher, their digital communications coordinator said that they did respond to a home on Straightaway Lane last night for a death that she called, “medically related.” She went on to say that the definitive reason that the person died would have to be determined by Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher’s office.

Calls that are medical deaths of some type aren’t usually acts of violence that should alarm the community. While it’s true that everything from a heart attack to an overdose could fall under this category, it certainly isn’t a murder.

Sometimes, when the cause of death isn’t clear on the scene, investigators and crime scene technicians sometimes do respond to document a case and collect samples. This is done in the event an autopsy reveals that some type of foul play occurred. If a medical death of unknown origin is treated in a casual manner and later it’s discovered that a crime was committed, the scene would have been contaminated, evidence could have been removed, or any number of other things might have happened that would then complicate or derail the investigation.

At this point, the sheriff’s department is simply treating the death overnight on Straightaway Lane as a medical death and say they have no further information to release. If anything changes, we will update this story.

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