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Cars damaged by objects thrown from bridges in Cayce and West Columbia

Cayce/West Columbia, SC (Connor Radtke) -- Last weekend, both in the city of Cayce and West Columbia, there were several incidents of cars being damaged from what police believe to be bricks or clay rocks thrown from bridges. Saturday night, Chief Byron Snelgrove, director of Cayce’s Department of Public Safety, told us that there were three reports, all within 15 minutes of each other, between 9:30 and 9:45 pm in the city of Cayce. Unfortunately, there were no suspects located in each of those instances. Chief Snelgrove did not identify what roads or bridges were involved.

The following night around 9:00 pm there were two more incidents reported in the city of West Columbia concerning the Gervais St. Bridge. The first report said that there was a lady and her husband traveling in their car west bound on Jarvis Klapman Blvd when out of nowhere their windshield was struck with an object made of clay that was thought to be a brick. The object struck the passenger side of the windshield where it went through and landed in the front floorboard. The responding officer confirmed in his report that the passenger side windshield was broken through during this incident. The vehicle was a black 2003 Ford Expedition and it is estimated that there was $400 worth of damage done to the vehicle.

The second report was made within minutes of the first with some of the same details. In this case, a lady was at the edge of the Gervais St. Bridge before it ended west bound, when the passenger side of her vehicle was struck by a large object. She believed at the time that it was a gunshot due to the noise it made. After stopping, she found out that a significant amount of damage was done to the passenger side door handle of her vehicle and notified police. The damage appeared to have been caused by another heavy object thought to be a rock or brick. The vehicle was a black 2007 Chevy Impala and it is estimated that there was $500 worth of damage done to the vehicle.

Due to the rocks coming from the Jarvis Klapman and Gervais St. Bridges, it was believed that the suspect(s) was possibly on the river walk tossing clay rocks or bricks onto the bridge as cars passed. Officers patrolled the area of both bridges and on the river walk in their cars and on foot for any suspects. Four individuals were found fishing at the river walk and the officers talked to each one of them. At this point there have been no arrests made and the investigation continues.

If you have any information about this or any other crime contact Midlands Cirimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC or go to their website at www.midlandscrimestoppers.com

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