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Lexington District Three schools already receiving new books for media centers after board provides

Batesburg-Leesville, SC (Angelica Iglesias) – During a meeting of the Lexington County School District Three Board of Trustees earlier this year, the district confirmed that they had committed $44,000 that will be spent over the next three years to upgrade the book collections of all four of their school’s libraries.

The SC State Department of Education, as well as other sources, provides recommendations for districts and schools to ensure that library collections are up to date and are of sufficient quantity and quality to support students and teachers. The information on the current number and copyright age of District Three’s media center collections was shared with the Board of Trustees at the meeting as an instructional highlight of the innovative practices being cultivated in the district’s media centers. While the information shared did reflect a deficit in their current collections, the information was shared as recommendations and is not a requirement. The Board immediately saw the need to update and increase their current book collections to continue to support these innovative practices and decided to do something about it. Working with Superintendent Randall Gary, the Board of Trustees provided some immediate funding to support the updates. They also increased continued funding over the next three years to bring all media center book collections to exemplary status. As a result, new books have been purchased and many have already been placed into circulation for students to enjoy.

Back in February after the initial presentation, all four schools were given a certain amount of money. Where the new books went was determined based on the need of each school. Batesburg-Leesville Primary received $10,000, while Batesburg-Leesville Elementary received $4,000. Batesburg-Leesville Middle also received $10,000, and naturally, because of the size of the student body and the age of its collection, Batesburg-Leesville High School received the most at $20,000. That was all those schools needed to meet the exceptional standard the district was committed to.

It’s not surprising to for the community to see the board has been commitment to making the schools some of the finest in SC. In March of this year, Batesburg-Leesville Elementary School was named one of Palmetto’s Finest. This prestigious award is only given to a few schools each year that meet the highest of standards and pass a rigorous selection process.

The money for the book collection upgrades will be used throughout this three year period to ensure the schools’ libraries are brought up to some of the best possible standards. The Board’s immediate decision to provide this funding at the meeting where the deficits were brought to light shows not only their commitment to excellence in the media centers, but the district’s commitment as a whole to the students and their education.

According to the district's spokesperson Mackenzie Taylor, all of Lexington Three’s media specialists are certified professionals who continuously research and seek new and engaging methods to provide instructional support through the media center programs. The district regularly evaluates their media center programs and uses the guidance of the SC Department of Education’s Achieving Exemplary Libraries document to help guide them toward “Future Ready” media centers. “Future Ready” media center programs provide all students with equal and easy access to qualified librarians, digital tools, resources, and books. The Lexington School District Three media specialists do this by providing collaborative spaces that promote inquiry, creativity and active use of technology for students and teachers. This means that the media centers are havens for students to use many different resources like computers and the internet as well as traditional books to learn. Each media specialist provide critical support for the district’s 1:1 technology initiative and ensure equitable and safe digital access for all learners. The media specialists also promote MakerSpace areas that allow students to explore coding, critical thinking and research to solve real-world problems. In sort, this is an important tool that’s used to help all students learn in today’s world.

By providing this additional funding, it’s clear that the Board of Lexington District Three remains committed to providing the best possible education for each and every student in the district. You can learn more about what’s happening in the District by following them on their webpage at

Students at District Three schools are already enjoying their new books

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