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Springdale and its leaders are excited as big and small changes are underway that will improve the t

Springdale, SC (Connor Radtke) – Mayor Michael Bishop and the population of Springdale is excited about several major improvements in the town’s appearance that should be completed this summer. Upgrades and additions to the town include the installation of a new granite welcome sign, upgrades to their popular splash pad in the park next to the town hall, and the completion of the new Dollar General which will add convenience for shopping to the residents of the town.

The welcome sign is going to be a beautiful enhancement to Springdale’s image as it ushers residents and guests into the town of Springdale. Mayor Bishop said the sign is going to be upscale and made out of 100% natural granite. The engraving will be sand blasted into the stone, so it will last forever. Installing an upscale sign will be inexpensive to maintain because the new sign’s stone construction will require no maintenance at all. Mayor Bishop said the new sign will be, “More reflective on the classics.” Bishop said the town is planning on only installing one sign to begin with. The first will be placed on Wattling Road near the railroad tracks. After the first sign is all set and in place, the town will accept feedback from the community on it. Afterward, Mayor Bishop said that the town plans on installing more signs at the other major entrances to the town.

Last, but absolutely not least, is the enhancement being made to the old splash pad in Benton Park at the town hall. The old one was just a concrete pad with a pipe that sprinkled water on the children who came to play in the summer heat. The new one will be handicapped accessible, a 40’ x 40’ pad, that you can go to with your family to have fun and be entertained all day. It will have jets of water that will shoot out of the bottom and over time, the town plans on adding more and more features to the pad.

The town of Springdale, its leaders, and residents are extremely excited about these new additions and can’t wait to see what great things they bring to the town. Bishop has said that the town must lead the way for its residents in appearance and he is committed to doing just that, developing a community that has a high-quality image and an identity of its own. To comment on the new signs, the splash pad, or to find out more about Springdale, check their website at www.springdalesc.com or call the town hall at (803) 794-0408.

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