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Small business owner Phil Black files to run for US Congress in SC District 2

Lexington, SC – Retired small business owner Phil Black, a resident of Lexington County with roots that run deep into Barnwell County and across SC District 2, has filed to run as a Democrat for US Congress against long-term incumbent Joe Wilson. In explaining his decision to do so, Phil said, “I feel like I owe my grandchildren and yours the opportunity to grow up in a country that has a functional government in Washington that really works, both sides together, and has the best interest of all Americans at heart.” Phil went on to say that for too long, the sheer stubbornness and animosity on both sides of the aisle have had our country’s government polarized and dysfunctional. “Congressman Wilson has served his country in both the government and the military, but it’s time for a change in that position and in many more.”

For years, Phil ran his hardware store in Barnwell; you can often find him behind the counter there most Saturdays, even now. Later, he was recruited to help veterans and other small business owners by working in the Columbia office of the Small Business Administration after the farm disaster of 1977. He did so until retirement 27 years later. Years ago, Phil saw the devastating effect that bad deals like the NAFTA & CAFTA trade agreements had on our area. “Unfortunately, Congressman Wilson has been a part of the leadership of this nation that made those bad deals. In some cases, he cast the deciding vote that devastated our industries and the working-class,” Phil said. “As a country, we need to refocus on what’s best for all Americans, every citizen of every color, heritage, religion, and creed.”

Phil, a devout Christian, believes that everyone has the right to religious freedom no matter their faith. “Faith was key when this country was founded and all of us deserve the right to be heard on matters of faith and every else. Everyone needs to be treated equally no matter their education, how wealthy they are, and other issues; we need equality in every way. Everyone who calls this great country home matters to me and they should matter to whoever’s in Washington representing us,” he concluded.

Phil has run against Wilson before and says that tenacity is what brings him back in the race this election cycle. “I can’t give up, there’s too much at stake. Our country is divided into two groups that are at each other’s throats constantly. It’s time we sent a peacemaker to Washington who’ll reach out his hand and be willing to work with anyone to fix the problems that we face,” Phil said.

Phil says that in the past, Congress has redistricted SC District 2 to be heavily Republican so that even a moderate, hardworking Democrat like himself, had no chance of getting elected. “I’m hoping that there are enough Republicans out there who will look at the job that Congressman Wilson has done and ask themselves, is this man doing the job that I’ve hired him to do? If you can’t name things he’s done for SC in a positive way, it’s time to break with traditions, cross the aisle, and vote for me.”

You can earn more about Phil Black by following his Facebook page, Twitter account, or by contacting him directly. He’s be glad to take your call at (803) 629-4800 or by e-mail at You can also learn more about him on his website at He’d be glad to hear from you, schedule a time to meet, or schedule a speaking engagement for a group.

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