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Yahweh and Sons Bible Church has moved to a new location

Cayce, SC (Jonathan Hurst) - Yahweh and Sons Bible Church has moved to a new location at 1824 Airport Blvd in Cayce. Pastor Charles Butcher and his wife Crystal, along with associate Pastor Kris Waters and his wife Lisa, help lead the family of Yahweh and Sons Bible Church. "This is not a congregation; it is a FAMILY," one congregant said of the church recently. At Yahweh and Sons, no visitor is a "visitor;” as soon as you walk in, you are a part of their family.

Yahweh is simply another name for God. It was actually a Hebrew name of God used in the Bible. Yahweh and Sons in Cayce is a Christian church. The name is frequently used in the services of many other Christian churches when speaking in the most holy and reverent way about God.

​When asked what the church's motto is, Pastor Butcher replied, "We don’t care where you come from, we care where you are going.” Butcher also stated, "Our values are to receive visitors with a non-judgmental mind and with open arms and open heart.”​

When it comes to the praise and worship part of the services, you will find Steve Smith leading the Yahweh and Sons family in everything from hymns, to New Age worship music, to some original music written by Steve himself. Steve has been an integral part of Yahweh and Sons since December of 2016. He has been a part of many great music events in the area, one of which was the Yahweh Music Jam at the Icehouse Amphitheater on March 3rd of this year. Those who hear it say you will not be bored with the music, that's for sure.

April Smith, Steve's wife, takes on the kids ranging from three to twelve on Sunday mornings, providing them with a fun time based on the teachings of the Bible. Butcher says, “We want the children to do more than just bring their parents a nice picture. They need to bring Jesus home.” And that's what April offers them every Sunday.

​Tuesday nights, Kris and Lisa Waters hold Bible studies starting at 6:30 p.m. They talk about everything from how your day went to Bible lessons. Both Kris and Lisa bring some amazing life experiences to the church. This is a night you won't regret spending with this amazing and Godly couple.​

On Sunday morning, "shop talk" and refreshments start at 10:30 a.m. Howard Beauchamp is the head of hospitality and hospital visits. He is at the door with a warm smile and hug that lets you know you are part of the family. The church also offers YouTube live streaming so you can be part of Yahweh and Sons anywhere in the world.​

Visit Yahweh and Sons Bible Church (YSBC) on Facebook at YSBC Family for a list of all upcoming events and more information on Cayce's newest church.​​

Yahweh and Sons Bible Church

Shown in photo from right to left: Kris and Lisa Waters, Howard Beauchamp, Charles and Crystal Butcher, April and Steve Smith


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