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Chapin High School's year coming to a close

Chapin, SC (Connor Radtke) – May is ending, which means the school is year is coming to a close. On May 23, Chapin High School held their annual class day, a day where each of the senior class students will personal items to friends and family as they get ready to leave for college. Along with the wills, the teaching staff puts together a video showing pictures of the senior class from when they were small children all the way to the current time. The senior pitching staff for the Chapin High baseball team willed the underclassmen a new bench couch that so that they could lounge in the bullpen and be more comfortable during games. A student, Maddie Widener, willed a teacher, Mr. Wise, some chickens. Mr. Wise recently got remarried, so this way if his wife isn’t around he will always have chicks around him, Widener told the crowd.

Two days following class day, on May 25, Chapin High held a Mr. Chapin pageant, a male parody pageant that goes off the same theme as a beauty pageant except is more comical and meant for humor. Garrett Dean, a senior wrestler planning on going to the Air Force Academy after graduation, was the winner of this prestigious prize.

On May 30 at 10:00 a.m., Chapin held an athletic signing where students Nick Price, Tanner Steffy, Cole Haile, Jake Earley, and Garrett Starkey were all honored during the ceremony. May 31st will be Chapin High’s academic awards night starting at 6 p.m.

With the school year closing it means that everyone’s favorites are about to arrive, finals. Senior exams for Chapin will held between May 29th – June 1st, and underclassmen exams will be held between June 4th – June 7th. Chapin offers early exams for seniors, as well as allowing the seniors to exempt their exams if they have a B or higher in the class. This gives the seniors a little bit of an incentive and some superiority over the underclassmen.

As the school year comes to an end The Lexington Ledger would like to wish all students good luck on exams, and for the seniors at Chapin congratulations and good luck as you start the next stage of your life.

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