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The Women’s Club of Cayce celebrating history while looking to the future

Cayce, SC. (Sydney Pendrick) The Woman’s Club of Cayce has celebrated over 80 years of service and involvement in the Cayce area. The Club was founded in the spring of 1937 by Mrs. S. K. Abbot. In 1940, the Woman’s Clubhouse, that is still open today, was built at 701 Oakland Avenue thanks to a generous donation from the Guingard Family. The Guingards were well-known in the area for their brickworks along the banks of the Congaree River. They were also philanthropists that donated land, money, and other resources to make the Cayce area a better place. Since its building, the clubhouse has been renovated several times, but the original architecture and its history remains the same.

The Woman’s Club of Cayce has contributed to the city of Cayce in numerous ways. One of the main contributions the Woman’s Club has accomplished was the Cayce-West Columbia Library which was originally opened in 1949. This library is still in use today and has been well loved and appreciated thanks to the hard-work and dedication of the Women’s Club.

Pamme Eades is the past president of the club. She just recently stepped down in May. She passed the torched to Sheri Dovell who will be president for the 2018-2020 administration. “When I finished my office in May, I had the chance to reflect on the last several years. The Woman’s Club of Cayce is a diverse, strong, and growing group of women who want to positively affect the City of Cayce. But it’s just not that we work hard on our projects such as the Tree Lighting and the Cayce Cares Fundraiser for God’s Helping Hands, we also have a lot of fun in the process,” said Mrs. Eades.

The Club also helps put on local events in Cayce such as the Hot Flash 5K and Governor’s Cup Half Marathon this past May. Some of their yearly projects include Cancer Care Caps and Free the Girls. They also provide scholarships to well-deserving high school students.

Eades says that the Woman’s Club of Cayce has some exciting ideas coming out of its new board in the upcoming years. Eades is proud to be a part of such a great organization that has had such a strong impact to the City of Cayce.

“Personally, I’ve been blessed to get to know an amazing group of women that I would have never met otherwise,” said Eades.

To learn more about the Women’s Club of Cayce, you can find them on Facebook at

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