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Driven Warriors ministry donates car to local student who’s always been a dedicated servant of God

South Congaree, SC (Paul Kirby) – When Carol Jeffcoat traveled to Falcon, NC several years ago with her church and some of its motorcycle ministry members, she knew after returning home to South Congaree, her life had been changed. While in Falcon, she had met the leaders and beneficiaries of a church ministry that was helping young, unwed mothers take responsibility for themselves and their babies. They were attending school, learning how to properly care for infants, and most especially, they were learning to become productive and independent parents and adults. She knew she was changed, she just didn’t know how much.

After returning to South Congaree, she discussed the burden she was feeling to do something with her husband Bobby Jeffcoat, a local expert mechanic and auto repair facility owner. Together, they met with their pastor at Ebeneezer PH Church in South Congaree about the way she was feeling. Pastor Gene Henderson made it clear to Carol that he and the church would help her if she felt the need to do something for these young ladies, but that a burden God lays on one’s heart isn’t transferable to others. Carol might have to work out of her comfort zone somewhat, but this was something it seemed God wanted her to do. After doing some brainstorming with her husband, the Driven Warriors Motorcycle Ministry was born.

Since its inception, the Driven Warriors has taken cars they have either been given, left for dead at Bobby’s business, or bought on the cheap, completely gone through them, and given them to young, single moms who’ve complete a certain number of requirements in the program at Falcon. This includes things like completing their high school education, getting their GED, finishing parenting classes, and getting jobs. Once the mothers have met these goals, the Drive Warriors have given the title free cars, about a half-dozen so far, that grant them the freedom they need to succeed in life.

Last Saturday, the Driven Warriors had another first when they gifted a car to a local girl who had been attending Ebeneezer right here in South Congaree faithfully for many years. Pastor Gene Henderson said that “Angel” started attending the church as a small child by riding to their services on the church’s bus ministry. “She was always a faithful child,” Henderson said last Saturday, “She never really ever missed Sundays and even after she got older, she volunteered with our youth ministry, so she could stay active and continue to ride the bus to church. She would often bring her books to study her school work after services in the church where it was quiet and then attend the evening services before someone would give her a ride home.” Now, “Angel” has graduated high school and is studying nursing at Midland’s Technical College, but the lack of a driver’s license and a car were clearly limiting what she could get done in her life. That’s why Carol and Bobby Jeffcoat, the members of the church, and Driven Warriors knew it needed to do something about “Angel’s” transportation issues right here at home.

The car that the ministry presented “Angel” Saturday was a relatively low miles Ford 4-door compact. It had been state maintained and Bobby and the ministry were able to buy it at a surplus auction recently. Bobby went over the car with a fine-toothed comb and Ted Huff of Ted’s Auto Detailing made the car look brand new. Some of the church’s members even took on the task of teaching “Angel” to drive and helping her get the car registered, titles, and insured.

Saturday, a large contingency of church members gathered at the church’s Youth Center for a breakfast, a time of thanksgiving, and a few speeches. Then, “Angel” was presented with the car. For the first time, she got behind the wheel and she drove Bobby and Carol Jeffcoat around the block in her car while her biological and church family watched from a crowd.

When she pulled back in, Angel said she wanted to put the car to good use. She planned to drive it to school, help her family get around, she had been offered a job at a Columbia hospital, but even more importantly, “Angel” said that she wanted to use the car to give rides to people who couldn’t get back and forth to church. Even after receiving such a gift, all she could think about was giving to others.

If you have a car or resources you could offer the Driven Warriors ministry, you can call Bobby Jeffcoat at (803) 955-9890. You can also contact Ebeneezer to learn more about their church and their bus ministry at (803) 755-2883.

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