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Cayce Historical Meeting to host Congaree Heritage Day

Cayce, SC (Jimmy Poluszek) - The Cayce Historical Museum will host a free public event on October 13th in honor of Congaree Heritage Day. It will feature free parking, vendors, food and drinks and more. Each hour a new presentation will be introduced for people to come and check out, starting with a lesson on Cherokee Paths. The event will end with the planting of the cedar “Unity Tree” to commemorate Heritage Day.

The event will educate attendees on the beauty and history of Native American culture through dance, music, pottery and storytelling. Presentations will include the Cherokee Paths, Native American hunting, stone petroglyphs, flint knapping, and more. The event will also feature Civil War reenactments as well as WWI and WWII reenactments. There will be free tours of the Museum itself, where guests can view one of the largest selections of Native American artifacts in the Southeast.

The event will last from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and takes place at 1800 12th Street. For more information, contact the Cayce Historical Museum at 803-739-5385.

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