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Young doctor returns to Chapin to practice across the street from high school where he graduated

Chapin, SC (Paul Kirby) – When Dr. Mark Wilson returned to Chapin to work after completing his education recently, it was more than just a homecoming. He was returning to the town where he spent some of the most formative and enjoyable years of his life. It was a place where he made the decisions that set his professional path, but also where he enjoyed several sports that seemed to have eventually influenced his career choices, too.

Dr. Wilson is the newest physician and surgeon at Palmetto Bone & Joint. They have offices in Chapin, Clinton, and Newberry. A native of Toronto, Canada, Wilson moved to the south with his family years ago and came with his mother from Sumter to Chapin his freshman year of high school. Wilson says that about midway through high school he began to believe he wanted to go into the field of medicine. He always had an interest in science and math and the learning environment at Chapin High School helped him to build upon that love. He says the great education he received at Chapin was a springboard to the career he’s flourishing in now.

When you meet Wilson, you can’t help but like him. He’s young, energetic, and certainly not shy. He sits at ease, has the tan of someone who’s outdoors a lot, enjoys sports, and yet he’s obviously smart and comfortable as Dr. Wilson, the physician and skilled orthopedic surgeon too. Because he seems so sure of himself, he makes you feel comfortable knowing he’ll take good care of you.

In high school, Wilson played on Lexington-Richland School District Five’s hockey team. Hockey is one of the few things that’s a carryover from his days as a boy in Canada. When he talks of playing on an outdoor rink with a gentle snow falling, it actually makes you want to be there; and this writer hates cold weather! He also plays and loves golf. As a student, he worked at Timberlake Golf Club and the Plex Ice Rink near Irmo. If you’ve got to work in school, why not indulge yourself a little and love it too, right? It seemed as if these two passions, and a passion for being outside doing something active, really did help form his desire to keep patients fit and feeling well. Wilson says sports medicine, his professional passion, isn’t just for young people. Adults who are approaching their golden years can also benefit from a doctor that has his area of expertise as well. “The retired population is becoming more active and as they do, they will occasionally injure themselves. That doesn’t have to end their enjoyment of an active lifestyle,” Wilson emphasized.

Wilson is a graduate of the Honors College at USC and the USC School of Medicine. Later, his education would take him on a tour of the deep south where he did his residency in orthopedics in Jacksonville, Florida and then a fellowship in Sports Medicine in Jackson, Mississippi. By the time he had finished his fellowship, he had done an estimated 1,000 surgeries in that year. He had also gained valuable experience in doing surgery using special instruments that only require a small incision and a tiny camera. These procedures are known as arthroscopic surgeries. Many require just a band-aid to cover the incision site before the patient is released. (See his entire professional pedigree by clicking here).

One day, Wilson’s mother, who still lives in Chapin, called to tell him of a sign that had gone up across from Chapin High School. Palmetto Bone & Joint was building a state-of-the-art practice and surgery center in Chapin. Knowing what a great community Chapin was, he sent in his resume and within moments was asked to come in for an interview next time he was in town. He was hired and joined the other doctors in the growing practice.

Now, Wilson has moved his wife and two young sons to Chapin so that they too could enjoy the great life he remembers from his teen years. He and his little family bought a house out in Forty Love and he’s getting comfortable as Dr. Wilson. He’s also comfortable in the knowledge that his sons will get the same great education he did in the school district that taught him so much.

Wilson is working in different locations on different days. Some days, he’s in Chapin at the surgery center. On others, he’s in an office adjoining the hospital in Newberry, and still other days are spent in Clinton where surgeries are performed in Laurens. He’s working with patients of all ages, but admits he prefers the surgeries that require him to use small cameras and tools that allow him to utilize the special skills he’s learned. He does a lot of work on fractures and is extremely skilled in repairing them. He’s also a specialist in total shoulder arthroplasty.

Dr. Wilson says he feels honored to be at a top-notch facility like Palmetto Bone & Join’s new surgery center in Chapin. He’s also proud of the fact that he is serving small communities that have historically been without specialists. In the past to get much more than general health care, patients were used to driving some distance for a specialist or surgery. Wilson says that doing surgery closer to home in a center, not a hospital, allows you to recuperate in your own bed and you heal faster. It also is more comfortable and convenient for patients to be closer to home, so they don’t have to travel far after a procedure.

Currently, Dr. Wilson is seeing all types and ages of patients. He’s continuing to share his expertise and the latest innovative medical procedures so that no matter who you are, you’ll get the most modern, compassionate, comprehensive care you deserve. In short, Dr. Wilson is happy and proud he’s back in the Chapin area and doing what he loves.

When asked what he would like to share with the students across the street from the new surgery center at Chapin High School, Dr. Wilson offered these words of wisdom. “The things you do now in school like grades, service, and extra-curricular activities, can open unlimited doors for you in the future. Pay attention, work hard, and it will all pay off in the end.” Sage words from a young doctor named Mark Wilson.

To reach Palmetto Bone & Joint and make an appointment to see Dr. Wilson, or any of their other physicians, you can go to their website at:

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