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Joe Wilson retains his seat in the US Congress, SC District 2

Lexington, SC (Paul Kirby) - Republican incumbent Congressman Joe Wilson easily retained his seat in SC District 2 handily beating liberal challenger Sean Carrigan. Wilson garnered 64,569 votes in Lexington County while Carrigan received just 32,999. This is reflective of the straw poll of high school students who had Wilson over Carrigan after the pairs only debate which was held at River Bluff High School just a week ago. Wilson has served in the US Congress since 2001. He and his wife are residents of Springdale in Lexington County.

Wilson is a conservative Republican that easily fits the demographics of a district that is more than 60% Republican. Because much of the district lies within Lexington County, it is highly unlikely that any Democrat like Carrigan would unseat him. Lexington County has had just one elected Democrat, SC Senator Nikki Setzler, who voters have returned to office for decades. There are a few others overlapping Democrats, but in those cases, the vast majority of the areas they represent are outside the county and only a small portion reaches over into Lexington.

Carrigan put up a formidable fight, seemed well organized, and is a veteran of active duty service in the US Army. He is however, liberal in his beliefs, views that are just out of touch with the voters here. He is originally from the liberal left coast and is a native of California.

Carrigan espoused background checks for all gun purchases, Medicare for all, loose enforcement of immigration laws, and a $15 per hour minimum wage. All these are issues that turned the stomachs instead of the heads of District 2 voters.

Wilson says that he is anxious to return to Washington where he will help President Trump continue his conservative agenda.

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