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South Congaree revamps snowflakes, adds three new honorary ones

South Congaree, SC (Angelica Iglesias) – If you have driven through South Congaree during the holiday season in the last couple of decades, you have seen the sparkling white snowflakes attached to the utility poles that line Main Street and light up the town with Christmas spirit.

In the last couple of years, these 32 snowflakes have been worn down by time and weather. Last year, only 22 snowflakes were able to be salvaged enough to go back up. During the summer, it looked like very few were in good enough condition to be used for this holiday season. The town thought they were going to have to give up the tradition before the Blue Ridge Terrace Community Club took on the project.

After learning that buying all new snowflakes would cost $30,000, the club decided to fix them instead. Once they figured out repairing at least 22 would cost $6,5000, they started asking the community for donations. They were able to come up with all the money and then some.

The town was able to repair all 32 snowflakes and even add three new ones to honor those in the line of duty. There will be a green snowflake to honor our veterans and active military, a blue to honor law enforcement, and a red to honor firefighters and EMS. Mid-Carolina is hanging the snowflakes this week, so the streets of South Congaree should be lit with the spirit of Christmas any day now.

This was a great community accomplishment for the small town of South Congaree and would not have been done without the Blue Ridge Terrace Community Club, all the folks at the South Congaree Town Hall, the South Congaree Police Department, and the citizens who appreciate their town and want to keep it beautiful.

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